Rebel House Mixologist Kris Bahamondes Serves Molecular Cocktails

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Photo courtesy of Kris Bahamondes
Rebel House mixologist Kris Bahamondes is a true bar man. He can mix a drink better than we've seen in a long time, and has some innate way of teaching you a brilliant new bar trick while tasting something truly unique -- all in just one happy hour sitting. It's the kind of talent that makes you wish you could pour a drink to make the pretty girls swoon, and the hard-core gin drinkers nod in respect.

If that's the sort of experience you're looking for, then amble on over to Rebel House in Boca Raton and sample their new spring cocktail menu, which debuted March 21st.

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Drink These Five Irish Spirits for Saint Patrick's Day

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Laine Doss
There's life beyond Jameson.
Saint Patrick's Day is this Monday, March 17 and, since we've got the weekend coming up, celebrations and wearing of the green start this weekend, with a race in downtown Fort Lauderdale, and many bars celebrating St. Practice Day on Sunday.

Around this time of year, most people break out the Guinness and the Jameson (and those are fine, authentic choices). But on a recent trip to the Emerald Isle, we were floored by the vast number of Irish whiskies and other spirits available.

We asked Crown Wine & Spirits' marketing guru Jay Marhefka to recommend some good Irish whiskies for our at-home Saint Patrick's Day toasting. He came up with choices for every taste and price point.

If you're not familiar with Irish whiskey, you should be. It's sweeter than Scotch, more refined than bourbon, and smoother than rye. Irish whiskey is versatile: sip it neat or mix it in a cocktail. It makes an essential addition to your home bar -- Saint Patrick's day and beyond.

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Ron Jeremy Donned His Best Pair of Crocs for Fort Lauderdale Bottle-Signing

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Thirty minutes into Ron Jeremy's Ron De Jeremy Spiced Rum bottle-signing, a modest but eager line of about ten had formed in Crown Wine & Spirits, at the corner of Sunrise and 15th Ave in Fort Lauderdale.

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Meet Ron Jeremy Today at Crown Wine & Spirits

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Laine Doss
Ron Jeremy. Known for his long, smooth... rum.
Fans of fine rum will want to make plans to come out to Crown Wine & Spirits for a meet and greet with the man known for his... ummmm... spirit... when Ron Jeremy hosts a special rum-tasting and bottle-signing today at Crown Wine & Spirits in Fort Lauderdale from 4 to 6 p.m.

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It's National Cocktail Your Coffee Day: Spike Your Coffee With These Recipes

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Courtesy Kahlua
Go on. Spike your coffee.
Today is a double whammy. Not only is it Monday (which is usually the worst day of the week), but it's the first Monday after daylight savings time. We're not sure about you, but when the alarm went off this morning and it was still dark out we weren't in the most chipper of moods.

There's only one thing in to do on such a day -- spike your coffee. Look, it's not that we're condoning day drinking (that's for Sunday brunch), but this is a holiday and holidays demand to be celebrated. That's right, today, March 10 is National Cocktail Your Coffee Day.

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It's Snowing Everywhere But Here: Makes These Snow Day Cocktails and Drink to That

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Vicky Papa
Yup. That's a pool down there, somewhere.
Look outside your window right now! What do you see? If you said, "nothing but white stuff" you know without a doubt you're not in South Florida.

But if you see palm trees, a friendly bird, or maybe even a dolphin swimming in the ocean, you're in what the rest of the country likes to call, "f**k you".

Hey! Harsh language may not harm me but a slip and fall on the ice? That hurts!

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Olympics-Inspired Cocktails: Enjoy Them at Living Room or Make Them at Home

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All photos courtesy Living Room
Putin's Patience.
Want to play a drinking game?

Every time something happens that's a complete clusterf**k during the Sochi Winter Olympics -- take a sip of your cocktail.

  • Every time an athlete gets locked inside a bathroom -- drink!
  • Every time a stray dog wanders into the stadium - drink!
  • Every time an Olympic ring fails to light during the big opening ceremony - drink!
  • Every time Russian tap water resembles Lipton tea - drink (anything but said water)!
  • Every time a speed skater forgets she's naked under her uniform and nearly flashes the world - applaud..then drink!

Get the point? There are so many screw ups during the Sochi Olympics that you're probably totally hammered just toasting to the awesomeness that comes with this level of lousy.

In honor of the occasion, Living Room at The W Fort Lauderdale is offering some Olympics-themed cocktails. They're available now through February 23 for $14 each -- or make them at home with these recipes.

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Toast Shirley Temple Back With These Shirley Temple Recipes

courtesy of Disney Wiki
Shirley Temple: the original child star.
Long before Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, and Macaulay Culkin, there was Shirley Temple.

The child star started her film career during the Great Depression. Often portraying a plucky orphan who remains cheerful in dire circumstances, the tiny talent sang her way into the hearts of the world.

The ringlet-haired ragamuffin charmed Eleanor Roosevelt, who asked for her autograph, and danced with seasoned partners like Jack Haley and Buddy Ebsen. Instead of being chewed up by Hollywood, Temple married Charles Alden Black, the assistant to the president of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company, and in 1969, left Hollywood, and began a lifelong career in public service.

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Hukilau 2014: The Final Blowout Set for June

Monica McGivern
Drink up one last time.
Tikiphiles we've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that Hukilau 2014 is going to be bigger and better, with five days of music, entertainment, and Tiki drinks scheduled at the Bahia Mar Beach Resort and the Mai-Kai from June 11 to 15.

The bad news is that this, the 13th annual Hukilau will be the last...ever.

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Jim Beam, Maker's Mark Now Owned by Japanese Beverage Company

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CC Flickr/Andrew*
The companies that make some of America's favorite whiskey will no longer be American but Japanese.

Beam, Inc., distiller of classic American whiskey Jim Beam and Maker's Mark, was acquired by Japanese beverage company Suntory Holdings. Beam agreed on Monday to be purchased by the Japanese company in a $13.6 billion deal that creates the third-largest premium spirits company in the world.

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