Ten Best New Restaurants in Delray Beach

Photo courtesy of Max's Social House
Mussels at Max's Social House in Delray Beach.

It wasn't all that long ago that Delray Beach was just like any other South Florida beach town -- excepting, of course, Palm Beach proper. Oh, how times have changed.

In 1985, the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) began its plans to revitalize the city by cleaning up the neighborhoods, preserving historic buildings, and stimulating the local economy. Next, the CRA joined forces with the City of Delray Beach, the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Development Authority to establish a special Downtown Marketing Cooperative to get the area more foot traffic in the form of a number of specialty and foodie-focused events.

Today, you'd hardly recognize downtown Delray Beach if you haven't strolled its streets since 2010. It's become one of South Florida's go-to culinary capitals, and now cities across Broward and Palm Beach counties are attempting to emulate its rapid-success progress.

We delivered this list to you in 2013, but since then, we've seen a number of new restaurants pop up across the city. So we figured it was about time to compile an updated top ten. And here they are, the best new restaurants in Delray Beach.

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Ten Best Restaurants in Hollywood

Photo by Nicole Danna
The curry ramen at GoBistro in downtown Hollywood.
Welcome to Hollywood.

Hollywood, Florida, that is.

Any South Florida native knows the East Coast version bears little resemblance to the West Coast enclave with the same name. Still, this Broward County beachside city has its charm and, in the past few years, a lot more to offer, culinarily speaking.

From the downtown Hollywood Boulevard restaurant row to the beachside Broadwalk, a number of new restaurants have made their home in Hollywood, including a raw vegan café, a few Peruvian concepts, and an awesome bistro where you can score a great bowl of ramen.

Here they are, the ten best restaurants in Hollywood, Florida.

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Ten Best Romantic Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Photo by Candace West
The bombaloni dessert from Valentino in Fort Lauderdale.
Love: It's in the air right now. It's almost Valentine's Day, after all.

So you might be thinking about where to bring your special someone for a romantic evening. Or perhaps you'd like to escape the crowds and chaos of the downtown scene and escape to a quiet, dim-lit place to enjoy a more peaceful night.

Maybe you have your sites set on a waterside panorama, and few compare to the oceanfront views at 50 Ocean in Delray Beach. And some of you might be thinking about a bottle of wine, and decadent dessert to make it a meal worth remembering, the type of thing you'll find year-round at Valentino in Fort Lauderdale.

Whether you're ready for it or not, Valentine's Day is this Saturday, February 14. And you're probably thinning about where to take your sweetie. Sure, you can buy a card, pick up some supermarket roses, or snag a box of chocolates and call it a day, but V-Day is supposed to be special, a day to let your inner romantic come out to play.

From cozy and casual, to the superluxe, here are our picks for the ten most romantic restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Ten Best Bagels (and Bialys) in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Water Bagels
Sure, New York is the undisputed bagel capital of the world. Whether it's the water, the air, or something about the presence of the New Yorkers themselves, the city wins the title of Best Bagels.

But no matter how blessed with Brooklyn holy water each one might be, South Florida is the unofficial second home of not only New Yorkers but of the bagel -- and its close cousin, the bialy (the Yiddish word for that soft-baked -- not boiled -- Polish varietal that's missing the whole hole thing).

Some shops have perfect bialys, a vast array of homemade spreads, and dozens of bagel flavors to pick from. And depending on where you go, the bagels range from small and shiny with a paper-thin shell of a crust to fat, doughy, and fluffy.

Whether you like yours toasted and piled high with plenty of lox -- or stuffed with eggs, cheese, and bacon -- here are our picks for the best bagels in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Have an issue with our picks? Hash it out in the comments section, and let us know what we're missing.

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Five Best Ramens in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Kapow Noodle Bar
Ramen has been blowing up for years now. In city's like New York and Los Angeles, there seems to be a new ramen hot spot opening every week. The dish is so popular, in fact, that David Chang, the chef credited for the dishes rising fame, declared ramen is dead in a recent piece for Lucky Peach, "That's it--you've taken noodle soup as far as you can fucking go, and now it's gotta go back to the beginning."

Like a lot of trends, the Japanese noodle dish took its time on its southern journey to Broward and Palm Beach Counties, but it's here. And it was well worth the wait. Here are the five best bowls in South Florida.

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Ten Best New Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Photo courtesy of Hardy Park Bistro
Fort Lauderdale has seen its fair share of new and old. The restaurants shuffle in and out, and sometimes it's hard to keep tabs on what's hot on the streets, which meal you can't pass up, and where the party's at.

In 2013, we ran down a top-ten list of the best restaurants in the city and since that time have welcomed a number of new establishments that deserve a shoutout. So here they are, the best new(ish) restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.

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Ten Best New Restaurants in Boca Raton

Photo courtesy of Butcher Block Grill
There's no escaping the fact that when it comes to food trends, we're a bit behind the curve here in South Florida. Maybe it's our tropical mindset, but it just takes us a while to notice the latest food fad. But that doesn't mean we don't keep our food game tight. Boca Raton is a foodie city, if for no other reason than it is a temporary and seasonal home to a lot of foodies hailing from the frozen North. They expect, if not the trendiest, then at least the freshest and best-prepared food.

Over the past few years, the city has seen a lot of new restaurants pop up -- ones that deserve to be recognized for both their innovative concepts and well-executed fare. In addition to our list of the Ten Best Restaurants in Boca Raton, these newcomers are helping to make Boca Raton a foodie destination worth checking out.

Try one today, and discover which establishments on these lists deserve to be your new favorites.

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Ten Best Healthy Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Courtesy of PB Catch
Dining out in South Florida means anything goes. We have a melting pot of cuisine to choose from and all the gastropubs you could wish for. But while it's certainly not the epicenter of healthy eating as it is with cities like Los Angeles or Portland -- nor does it have the variety of Chicago and New York City -- what we do have offers a fairly good spread.

So what to do if you're craving a heaping dinner-sized salad, a medley of fresh veggies, diet-friendly sushi, or satisfying soup? There are -- luckily -- a number of options available in the area that still cater to the health-conscious eater.

Whether your idea of healthy is a plate of homemade hummus with a local brew, a raw kale salad with Brussels sprouts, or a seafood charcuterie plate, you'll find something that fits your diet (and budget) at any of these Broward or Palm Beach eateries.

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Ten Best South Florida Food and Drink Lists of 2014

Photo by: Nicole Danna
The Italian from My Market Deli in Fort Lauderdale.
Lists. They're what the internet is made of. Readers love clicking on them, reading them, commenting on them, and sharing them. We love researching and writing them.

So, after taking a tour of our 2014 lists we began to feel very Tolkien-esque. We thought, perhaps... One list to list to rule them all?

Think of this, our precious, as a sort of year-in-review for all things food and drink related in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

So here you have it: the definitive top ten list of top ten lists form 2014. Now say that five times fast with a mouthful of mac n' cheese.

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Ten Best 2015 New Year's Day Brunches in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Jeffrey A. McDonald
Everybody loves brunch. It's all the bacony, eggy, pancakey, greasy glory of breakfast with none of the early rising, plus a side of lunch items and a wink to happy hour. In South Florida, with beautiful weather year-round, it's a great excuse to get out in the sun and dabble in a little day drinking -- and throw back some fabulous breakfast fare -- before the workweek grind begins again.

New Year's Day presents the perfect opportunity to keep the previous night's buzz going (or recover with some hair of the dog) as you celebrate the first day of 2015. So set the tone for the next 365 days of eating with a delectable brunch buffet, a mimosa in hand, and maybe even a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

The following ten Broward and Palm Beach restaurants have everything you need to make January 1 a fresh start.

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