Shmaltz Brewing Comes to Broward: Get Ready for Funky Jewddha

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Courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing
Meet Jeremy Cowan, founder of He'Brew beer.
Shmaltz Brewing Co., the Clifton Park-based beer company that specializes in delicious beers with tongue-in-cheek names like He'Brew -- the Chosen Beer and Funky Jewbelation, is coming to South Florida for two special "tribe-related" happy hours.

Shmaltz is teaming up with Funky Buddha for both events on Thursday, July 24, in what can only be described as a celebration of beer of all faiths and varieties. At both happy hours, you'll be able to meet Shmaltz founder Jeremy Cowan and taste a variety of beers from both Shmaltz and Funky Buddha. Best of all? The events are free and open to everyone.

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Florida Beer Friday: Saison Red Dawn From The Funky Buddha Lounge

Doug Fairall
It's #FloridaBeerFriday. Every Friday, we take a look at a beer brewed in the Sunshine State, giving analysis to the burgeoning craft beer movement of Florida.

After a pretty busy week, it's nice to sit down and relax with an old friend. Sometimes that old friend surprises you with a little change. Is that a new haircut? New kicks? Did you finally shave off that pornstache?

That's how it feels when finding a 'variation on a theme' from one of your go-to beers from one of your go-to beer spots. Which is exactly what happened this week upon finding that Funky Buddha Brewery's Red Dawn, their Cold War era red ale, got the saison treatment.

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d.b.a./ Cafe Hosts Cigar City Anniversary Dinner: Five Courses Paired With Five Special Beers (Photos)

Sara Ventiera
The first course paired with Cigar City Tangerine Weisse
Miami might have the big name chefs and the cocktails, but Broward and Palm Beach Counties have the beer.

What we lack in celebrities and mixology, we make up for in the craft brew scene -- and we have some damned good chefs anyway.

To celebrate one of Florida's leading breweries, d.b.a./ Cafe hosted an anniversary dinner for Cigar City last night. Guests were treated to five creative courses paired with the brewery's line of Five Beers for Five Years.

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Funky Buddha Launches Turtle Power Beer as Fundraiser for Coral Springs Toddler

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Courtesy Edwards Family
James Edwards: Turtle power helps a toddler.
On May 30, James Edwards nearly drowned in his family pool in Coral Springs.

According to Local10, the toddler was found by his grandfather, who was watching him while his parents were at the hospital with their newborn. The little boy was given CPR until paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

The 2-year-old is currently making progress at Chris Evert Children's Hospital, according to his family's Turtle Power for James Facebook page, and may even be sent home soon, but the Edwards family is still looking at months of home care -- and massive bills.

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Cigar City Brewing on the High Seas: Craft Beer on Carnival Cruise Lines

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Doug Fairall
Your cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, and anywhere else you're going out of port, just got craftier.

Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa has just announced a deal with Carnival Cruise Lines to offer two of the brewery's flagship brands onboard Carnival ships departing from Florida ports: Florida Cracker Belgian-Style Ale and Invasion Pale Ale.

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Sample Beer And Bites With Florida Beer Company Event At Coral Springs Whole Foods Tonight

Florida Beer Co.'s Bobby Gordash (left) with yours truly
Love beer?

Interested in becoming the next big brewer in South Florida?

Or, do you just want to learn more about the industry and how it works?

Broward County beer fans make note for tonight, as Bobby Gordash of the Florida Beer Company will be making an appearance at the Coral Springs Whole Foods Market at 7pm to share some professional insight into Florida's brewing industry.

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Brewzzi, Big Bear Brewing Win Medals At U.S. Open Beer Championships

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Photo by Doug Fairall
It was a bittersweet victory for West Palm Beach's downtown brewpub Brewzzi City Place this past weekend, as the brewery, which is currently closed after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, won two medals in the U.S. Open Beer Championship.

The annual event, which started in 2009 and has its awards presented on July 4th, is a unique competition where professional and amateur brewers vie for gold, silver, and bronze in 78 categories of beers and cider, with more than 3,000 beverages sent in from across the world.

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Florida Beer: Little Joe Stout From Pair O' Dice Brewing Company

Doug Fairall
It's #FloridaBeerFriday. Every Friday, we take a look at a beer brewed in the Sunshine State, giving analysis to the burgeoning craft beer movement of Florida.

Ken Rosenthal has been pretty busy for the last nine months since opening Pair O' Dice Brewing Company in Clearwater, Florida with his wife Julia. Since then, this former Anheuser-Busch production supervisor has been brewing up a storm in this part of the St. Pete - Tampa Bay area.

"It's all about balance," he said of his recipes, delving into what types of beers he creates at his brewhouse. "I brew what I like to drink, a balanced beer. It takes no skill to destroy the palate with hops."

Pair O' Dice Brewing Co. opened in October, and now produces beer on a 15 barrel brewhouse, distributing out to bars and restaurants across Pinellas County, including Tropicana Field. "We can't produce enough beer," he admitted, adding that out of all of the beer he sells, his red ale is the highest seller.

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Tucker Duke's Summer Brewmaster Series Offers Multicourse Dinners Paired With Craft Beer

Photo by

Burger joint Tucker Duke's Lunchbox in Deerfield Beach is striving to marry America's comfort food with its comfort beverage of choice, beer, for a series of craft-beer-oriented multicourse dinners.

Starting on Tuesday, July 8, at 8 p.m., the small and local establishment run by Cutthroat Kitchen winner Chef Brian Cartenuto, will feature a four-course meal with snacks paired with beers from Cigar City Brewing.

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Synek: Drink Hundreds of Different Beers at Home With One Gadget

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Synek via Facebook
Synek: Little gadget. Lots of beer.
It's pretty true that Keurig has changed how most of us drink hot beverages. With the purchase of one little machine, we can now drink just about any instant hot beverage, from chai to coffee to chicken broth. Never has the process of heating water seemed so easy.

Now, imagine if someone reworked that magic with beer. A little tabletop gizmo allows you to drink a seemingly unlimited selection of craft beers from microbreweries throughout the country just by switching out a cartridge. Seems like a dream, doesn't it?

Wake up, Buddy Boy, because Synek makes your beer-drinking fantasies a reality.

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