IHOP Is Launching Bac 'n' Cheddar Waffles

Waffles with the bacon built right in. What a great idea!
Waffles. They're delicious, sure, but they're also so versatile. Although most of us just slap some butter and syrup on them and call it breakfast, that geometric battered delight can also be used as a sandwich base, an ice cream cone, or a dessert.

Most of all, they're just delicious. Especially with some bacon. Which is why International House of Pancakes' (IHOP) new creation just smacks of delicious excess.

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International Bacon Day at Rhino Doughnuts

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Photo by Candace West
Labor Day is a time honored holiday that celebrates the men and women of America's working class. It's a day of reflection, a day in which we pause a moment to pay our respects to those whom, day-in and day-out, toil away at industries of various sizes to make life comfortable for the rest of us middle-class, office jockeys.

So what better way to honor your fellow working man that with the consumption of pork fat in non-traditional grub?

After all, this weekend is not just Labor Day. On Saturday August 30th, America also celebrates another long-standing cultural import: bacon.

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BC Cafe Hosting Bacon Taco Night: Bacon Shell Tacos!

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BC Tacos
Bacon, bacon, bacon...
Hold on to your brains, people -- because they might just blow right out of your skull after this announcement.

BC Cafe is hosting a bacon taco night with a twist...the taco shell is made of bacon!

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BaconFreak.com Allows You to Explore Your Inner Bacon Freak (Video)

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Screenshot Bacon Freak
He's about to unleash his hidden bacon freak.
You're a bacon freak. It's OK. We understand. After all, how many other meat products out there go well with just about everything?

Don't believe us? Try putting some calves' liver in a brownie and see how far it gets you.

Bacon makes everything better -- from cupcakes to burgers to bourbon. So, instead of denying yourself or asking stupid questions like "has bacon jumped the shark?" (Answer: It hasn't and it never will), just go for it and let your inner bacon freak flag fly with a trip to baconfreak.com.

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Hey FLIFF: Here Are Some Bacon Films We'd Like to See at the Festival

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Famous movie quotes are better with bacon.
The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival comes to town on October 18, bringing with it an amazing assortment of films for nearly an entire month. There's prestige in this festival, many of the films will be making their US or world premiers right here in South Florida.

In other words, it's a really big deal.

But we can't help but be jealous of a recent film festival held in New York last week. The International Bacon Film Festival, sponsored by celebrated this pig candy by showcasing 11 films, each produced as part of a call to action by Hormel Black Label Bacon in the search for the best bacon-relatated film.

The result? A bunch of creative, zany, and heartfelt shorts, each paying homage to bacon.

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Oscar Mayer Wants You to "Say it With Bacon" (Video)

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Oscar Mayer
Bacon: Better than diamonds.
What's the best way to show someone you love them with all your heart? If you watch television, then you know the ultimate way to start a lifetime commitment is by buying a precious object using the four C's rule -- cut, consistency, color, and cure.

Cure? Of course! We're talking about bacon here, son -- not some expensive rock!

Oscar Mayer has just come up with the best campaign ever in which they mock every diamond ad by comparing it to bacon. And, let's face it. While you can only look at a diamond, it doesn't taste good at all.

But bacon. That's a gift worth giving.

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Baconalia Is Back: Free Bacon From Denny's!

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Denny's Corporation
Watch that bacon!
Here's something to absolutely make your Friday complete! Not only is it the last day of the workweek... not only is St. Patrick's Day this weekend... but it's time for Baconalia!

That's right, folks! Denny's is celebrating everyone's favorite taste treat -- bacon -- in its annual wild and porky feeding frenzy!

This year's Baconalia menu is even more decadent (and dare-worthy) than last year's and includes caramel- and bacon-stuffed French toast; BBQ bacon mac 'n cheese bites; a salted caramel and bacon brownie sundae; and a maple bacon milk shake in addition to the usual bacon slams, burgers, and BLTs.

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BaconFest Florida: The Eight Best Bacon Foods We Ate

1Bacon Fest (Coconut Creek Casino 2_23_2013)_by Ian Witlen-7540.jpg
Ian Witlen
Turkey on whole-wheat bread is so passé nowadays. What the public really wants is bacon.

Juicy, greasy slabs of cured pork belly, by the pounds; in as many preparations as possible and dipped in and/or wrapped around as many highly caloric food items-- such as chocolate and chicken wings,--imaginable. That is the central idea behind BaconFest, a hedonistic, triglyceride inducing, throw-the-weight-scale-aside, hog-lovers event that took Chicago and New York by storm and then moved towards us. On Saturday night, South Florida had its share of this beastly bacon affair.

A sellout for several weeks, this pig pantheon was a resounding success at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. South Florida evidently loves its swine just about as much as the rest of the country.

Chef Todd Fisher, from Discovery's Destination America network show, United States of Bacon, hosted what we called our own pork-a-palooza. The lines were long and the bellies were bursting all night long as the packed crowd sampled bacon-inspired items from local eateries like Big City Tavern and Caffe Luna Rosa and savored bacon infused delights from La Marquise Desserts and Susy Pops.

We loaded up on Lipitor, braved the hungered mega-carnivorous masses and prepared to pig out (pun all the way) on all the creative offerings incorporating the other white meat.

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Win a Pair of Tickets to Sold-Out BaconFest Florida UPDATED

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Win a pair of BaconFest tickets.
Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, don't think romance has gone out the window for the next 364 days of the year.

Clean Plate Charlie invites you to fall in love all over again...with bacon!

We're talking BaconFest Florida, the porkiest, meatiest....baconiest...event to come to south Florida.

On Saturday, February 23 at 6 p.m. celebrate your love of bacon at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek where two dozen of your favorite restaurants will provide you with fantastic food all made with one key ingredient (you guessed it) -- bacon!

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BaconFest Announces Restaurant Lineup

BaconFest: Eat like there's no tomorrow.
Bacon Fest, the all-things-porky event that's coming to the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek on Saturday, February 23, has announced its restaurant and food lineup -- and it's nothing short of spectacular.

For one evening and one evening only, forget your sodium and cholesterol intake and go crazy on nature's pig candy. Bacon!

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