Dada Chef Bruce Feingold Hosts July 4 Cookout for Healthy Bellies Program

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Nicole Danna
Bruce and Amanda Feingold founded Healthy Bellies in 2013 to help feed at-risk youth in Delray Beach.
For the third year in a row, Dada executive chef Bruce Feingold has been selected as the people's choice for best chef in our annual Best Of issue. But these days, Feingold has more than a title to be proud of. He's also the founder and creator of a charitable project that, to date, has raised more than $8,000 to help feed hungry kids in his own community, Delray.

Known as Healthy Bellies, the project -- which works in conjunction with Delray Beach's Achievement Center -- aims to feed and educate at-risk youth and their families on the importance of healthy eating habits.

This Fourth of July, Dada will host a cookout to raise money and awareness for the Healthy Bellies program.

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Local Chefs' Recipes to Include in Your Picnic Basket This Summer

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Thumbnail image for chefmikepasta.jpg
Mike Hampton
As we work our way steadily through June, take the opportunity to enjoy South Florida's sunshine and host a picnic of your own.

The preparations don't have to be laborious either, even if you're looking to create something special. Here are some recipes shared by Broward-Palm Beach chefs to help fill your picnic basket with easy and delicious dishes.

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New Late Spring Menu Debuts at Rebel House in Boca Raton

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The Rebel House Key West pink shrimp a la plancha.
Rebel House off Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton is serving some of the most delectable dishes this city has seen. Despite the elevated gastronomy, many aren't aware of executive chef and co-owner Mike Saperstein's ever-changing menu, which focuses on seasonal fare and varying cooking methods.

The result: a rainbow of color, flavor and texture.

This past weekend the restaurant debuted its late spring menu, swapping in dishes that highlight unique picks like Peeky Toe crab from Maine, jerk goat, and house made venison sausage and salami chips.

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What Is Black Gold? Get Your Own Bulb of Black Garlic From the Little House in Boynton Beach

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Nicole Danna
Black garlic from the Little House in Boynton Beach.
In the culinary world, the term "black gold" is usually reserved for truffles, those delicious mushrooms that make everything taste better. But did you know that black gold could also be black garlic, which is equally tasty -- and, perhaps, a little easier to come by? Although it may sound like one of those items you don't really need, we're going to insist that -- yes, you do.

Clean Plate Charlie stumbled upon it this weekend, when the Little House owner Chrissy Benoit -- founder of Lake Worth's Havana hideout -- gave us a taste of some in her Boynton restaurant. Recently, she's been using black garlic to flavor some of the Little House's most popular dishes, including the daily mac and cheese.

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Top Chef Ron Duprat on the Florida-New Orleans Creole Connection

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Courtesy of Ron Duprat
Chef Ron Duprat
South Florida and New Orleans share many culinary connections, namely Creole, a style of cooking chef Ron Duprat has spent his life learning and perfecting.

His drive to be the top Creole chef America stems from his youth in Haiti, learning in the kitchen under the tutelage of his grandmother, who was trained as a French chef. Living in poverty and going hungry as a youth was another motivating factor to becoming a chef. Since taking this path, Duprat has earned a long list of accomplishments that include several stints as an executive chef and even being selected as a culinary ambassador by the U.S. State Department.

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Paula DaSilva Talks Fort Lauderdale and Revamping 3030 Ocean

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Image courtesy 3030 Ocean
When it was announced that Paula Da Silva, chef at farm-to-table restaurant 1500 Degrees inside the historic Eden Roc Miami Beach would move to Fort Lauderdale's 
3030 Ocean, Miami's loss was Fort Lauderdale's gain.

DaSilva returned to Broward County, the place where she began her well-publicized career under chef Dean Max way back in 2000. In July it was announced that Max and 3030 would part ways.

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Fulvio Sardelli Talks Sous Vide Cooking, Life in the Kitchen, and Restaurant Empires

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All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Fulvio Sardelli Jr. in the kitchen.
Hollywood restaurateur Fulvio Sardelli Jr. is turning the third floor of his family's pricey, beachside steak house into a chef's room where he'll soon serve tasting menus for groups as small as four and as big as 30.

"For me, it's not about eating," he says. "It's all about entertaining and the people who come into the room."

With three restaurants in the family -- Sardelli's, Fulvio's 1900, and gastropub Tipsy Boar -- Fulvio is trying to figure out what comes next.

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Buy Fish Like Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille's Jon Sanchez

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Image via Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille on Facebook
Sanchez says to trust your senses, almost all five of them.
First, just stay away from the individually wrapped, frozen fish fillets. Don't look at them, don't think about them, and forget they even exist.

Buying fish can often be a daunting task. With rampant concerns over genetically modified species, sustainability, and the long-term effects of farmed fish on health, it's easy to stand at a fish counter temporarily stunned by fear and simple confusion.

The first step to getting past it is to buy fish whole. When you buy the whole animal, you can look at small details.

Make sure the eyes are clear, says Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille's chef de cuisine Jon Sanchez. "The redder the gills, the better."

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The Grateful Palate's Executive Chef, Hector Lopez, Shares His Recipe for Kangaroo Pithivier

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The Grateful Palate Salmon Tartare Photo Credit Andres Aravena.jpg
Andres Aravena
The Grateful Palate's salmon tartare.

If you're looking for a reason to be grateful for good food in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to stop by the Grateful Palate. With a colorful global menu and inspiring up-and-coming chef behind exotic, creative small plates, it's an unexpected treat hidden amid the businesses that make up the city's bustling 17th Street yachting district.

The Grateful Palate's executive chef, Hector Lopez, oversees all of the operations of the restaurant, including the restaurant's busy yacht provisioning department. Unlike most chefs, Lopez's responsibilities include developing recipes and designing the restaurant's seasonal menu, as well as coordinating the purchasing of some very hard-to-find products from all over the world.

Here, it's not unusual for customers to request offbeat ingredients including guinea pig and kangaroo.

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Sweetwater Bar & Grill: Executive Chef Alberto Diaz Revamps His Menu

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Nicole Danna
Alberto Diaz at Sweetwater in Boynton Beach.
Sweetwater Executive Chef Alberto Diaz has always enjoyed cooking. Originally from Puerto Rico, he was always looking to perfect his craft at home, preparing standard Latin cuisine for his family.

"I was always trying to make the perfect mofongo, the best braised pork shoulder, or the quinitessential rice and beans," Diaz said.

It never occurred to him that one day he'd switch from a career in communications to becoming a full-time professional chef. 

Diaz's kitchen career began at Apicius in Lantana, a high-end Italian eatery that closed in late 2011. His passion grew alongside chef Mario Molliere -- a French-born chef who has cooked for a three-star Michelin restaurant -- from whom Diaz learned to cook like the best of them. 

Today, Diaz executes dishes that balance flavor, texture and color to match the hand-crafted cocktails served alongside his food at Sweetwater Bar & Grill in Boynton Beach.

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