Passover Dinner: The Vegan Edition

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Photo by RadRafe via Wikipedia Commons
"What do you mean you don't eat meat anymore!?" "Is that kosher?"
Chances are this Passover season you will either A.) host a vegan at your table or B.) be that vegan who ends up at this said Passover or c.) Be a vegan who is throwing your own badass Passover feast for an unsuspecting omnivore crowd because, well, WE ARE SLOWLY TAKING OVER YOUR DINING ROOM TABLE! Muahahahahahaha!

Or at the very least, growing in small but steady numbers each year, right?

While it's true a meal that already comes with a set of strict dietary restrictions (avoiding all leavened foods as well as grains, beans and corn) can be further complicated by taking away any animal products, there are easy and delicious ways to eschew certain ingredients in favor of others and still stay true to tradition, sans shank bone. Here are a few recipes to get you going.

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El Jefe Luchador Opens Second Location in Boca Raton Today

Nicole Danna
The El Don Hamburgueso taco from El Jefe Luchador.
If you consider yourself a fan of good Mexican food and occasionally give in to a shopping spree are two, now you can indulge in both at the same time. Lucky for you, Deerfield Beach's El Jefe Luchador is opening its second location in the Town Center at Boca Raton today.

Owners Mike Saperstein and Evan David have fashioned a mall food court space into a colorful attraction, a second location with possibly more like it in the works where they're peddling their affordable, gourmet-style fare. The new restaurant has been custom designed to retain the original location's kitschy charm, from the brightly-hued lucha libre wrestling masks to a neon glowing ordering counter and custom tile art mural created in collaboration with the restaurant group's E&M Munchies in-house design team.

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National Garlic Day is Tomorrow: Five Awesome Local Garlic Dishes to Try

Categories: Food Holidays

Nicole Danna
Sure, it's odoriferous, but garlic is one of the best culinary discoveries known to man.

It adds layers of flavor to every type of food, almost everywhere in the world, and the bulbous plant is known for a multitude of health benefits: antioxidants, respiratory and circulatory benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, food poisoning prevention, vampire preventer - the list goes on.

Basically, it's just awesome.

Tomorrow -- Saturday, April 19 -- is National Garlic Day, a celebration of the world's best cooking ingredient.

To honor the day, we've rounded up the five interesting garlicky food items in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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Florida Beer: No Dave's American Pale Ale From Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Doug Fairall

It's #FloridaBeerFriday. Every Friday, we take a look at a beer brewed in the Sunshine State, giving analysis to the burgeoning craft beer movement of Florida.

It's not just in Tampa anymore.

The Tampa Bay Brewing Company is celebrating 14 months in its Coral Springs location, having opened in February of last year. Since then, head brewer Norm Lehman has been busy getting the place into tip-top nanobrew shape.

Originally located only in the Ybor City district of Tampa, the company decided to open a second brewing operating in South Florida in 2013. Through their multiple award winning beers, they've been able to introduce the small batch experience to its patrons.

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KFC Now Sells Fried Chicken Corsages For Prom (Video)

Screenshot YouTube
Better than carnations.
We get it...everyone loves fried chicken. It's golden crispy shell hides moist, slightly salty meat. It's savory, juicy, and decadent. Plus...fried.

But there's got to be a limit to our eternal love for a bucket of finger lickin' goodness. Or is there?

Do we love fried chicken so much we'd wear prom?

That's the question Kentucky Fried Chicken asks in their new #HowDoYouKFC campaign, where the Colonel is offering fried chicken fans actual fried chicken corsages for sale.

Yes...they're real.

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Five Best Food and Drink Events This Weekend: Sado, Beer, and Heavy Drinking

Categories: Happening

Morikami Museum facebook
Want to find inner peace this weekend?
Are you ready for 4/20? What about some green tea? Even if you don't care about any of the myriad celebratory offerings this weekend, you're going to have to eat something.

We perused the highs and lows of the Broward-Palm Beach area and cooked up this tasty menu of awesome destinations. Whether you're looking to walk around and consume copious drinks, find inner peace with some Japanese ceremonies, indulge in some herbal tasting brews or just drink beer with your dog, this list has everything you need.

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Sweet and Decadent Easter Beers to Grace Funky Buddha's Lounge Tonight

Categories: Beer Beer Beer

funky buddha snifter club night doug fairall.jpg
Doug Fairall

Looking to get a jumpstart to the Easter weekend? If so, then let the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton whet your appetite for Easter candy in the way only the Buddha can: with beer and desserts.

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Ten Best Buffets in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Osaka Facebook page
Buffets tend to be the butt of many a foodie joke.

Sure, it's mass-produced food that in many cases is sitting out for hours on end, but there are times when you just need piles and piles of food, all at once.

It's called being stoned.

Look, all legal issues aside (uneven incarceration rates, potential medical benefits, and the millions of other problems that arise from its current legislative state), there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a little case of the munchies from time to time -- unless you get drug-tested on the regular, of course.

Yes, you might be stuffing your face with thousands of unnecessary calories, but some studies do claim that smoking pot may help you lose weight.

In honor of 4/20, we figured it was about time to round up the area's best all-you-can-eat destinations.

So light up that bowl, find a designated driver (i.e., your frequently drug-tested friend), and get ready to shove massive piles of food into your face. Here are the ten best buffets in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Riverside Market Celebrates 4/20 With Rare Lagunitas Waldo Keg Tapping

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Photo by Duet All Photography
The Riverside Market and Cafe.
It's that time of year again: Get high and drink some beers. There will probably be no getting high at the Riverside Market and Cafe, but there will be lots of beer-drinking this April 20 with a special tapping of a Lagunitas Waldo's Special Ale.

As expected, the keg-tapping will begin at 4:20 p.m. There's plenty to go around with 15 gallons, but it probably won't last long. Pints are going for $5.

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Charles Steadman of Jack's Grumpy Grouper on Prohibiton, the Silver Age of Bartending, and U.S. Bartenders' Guild

Sara Ventiera
It's important to love what you do for a living -- think about how many hours of your waking life you spend working (a lot, most likely).

Whether it's tech, education, journalism, or the restaurant industry, it's actually a good thing to be considered a geek.

When it comes to mixology, Jack's Grumpy Grouper managing partner Charles Steadman is just about as nerdy as they come (in a good way, obviously). He loves what he does and everything about the industry.

We chatted with the excitable restaurateur and tender of bar about the history of cocktails in the 20th century.

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