Hashtags Earn Free Mandarine Napoléon Cocktails at Stache Tomorrow

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CC Flickr || Graeme Maclean
Hashtag #EmperorsBar tomorrow night at Stache 1920's Drinking Den, then proceed to get cocktail'ed.
It's the end of July, summer has not yet peaked, but all Cancer birthdays have ended for the year. What does this mean? Nothing, however Stache 1920's Drinking Den wants to give you a free cocktail made with Mandarine Napoléon during The Emperor's Social Bar event on July 31.

The drinks are free, but on one condition: taking a picture of the bar and sending it to @FollowNapoleon and @StacheFTL on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #EmperorsBar and show it to a member of the Mandarine Napoléon Army, who will be onsite during the event.

Between the hours of 8 and 11 p.m., each "new and unique" Instagram post or Tweet, will get you a branded token towards a Mandarine Napoléon cocktail.Tweets and Instagrams of the happenings inside Stache during the event can be exchanged for one libation made with Mandarine Napoléon.

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Coconut Water May Not Be All It's Cracked Up to Be

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Crisco 1492 via wikimedia
Every other month, it's something new on the health front.

Pomegranate juice will cure all your ailments. Never mind; it's ridiculously high in sugar.

Kombucha is a miracle immune booster. Oh, wait -- it can kill you.

Now, coconut water is all the rage. Billed as yet another miracle liquid, global sales are reaching $400 million per year.

Great for the coconut industry, but according to an article by the New York Times, most consumers are unaware that marketers have scaled back on their claims of healthful benefits.

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Riverside Market Hosting Glades Pale Ale Bottle Release

Photo Courtesy Exposed PR
As far as we're concerned craft beer is one of the greatest things since sliced bread -- actually, it's better. And while we're all about hanging at a chilled brew bar with friends, sometimes you need to be portable, you just need bottles or cans.

Tomorrow night, Riverside Market is hosting a first-ever bottle release for Native Brewing's Glades Pale Ale.

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Myapapaya's Dreamy Greeny is the Best Smoothie on the Planet

Sara Ventiera
Chalk it up to inflation, if you want, but there once was a day in which the mere thought of a $9 smoothie would make you balk.

That was a time in which the vast majority of these "healthy" meal replacements were filled with processed proteins and sickeningly sweet syrup-covered berries.

Things have changed dramatically over the years, and smoothies and juices have returned to a more natural state.

Still, nine bucks seems like a lot to fork out for a non-alcoholic drink. But Myapapaya has one smoothie that has this highly opinionated food writer us coming back several times per week. It's called the Dreamy Greeny, and it is quite possibly, the best smoothie on the entire planet.

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Suri Tapas Bar Offers Traditional and New Age Dishes in Downtown Lake Worth

Nicole Danna
The Desayuno de Campeon or "breakfast of champions" combines blueberry pancakes and pork belly with a house made tomato jam.
A new restaurant has opened off Lucerne Ave. in downtown Lake Worth, taking the space formerly known as Fiorentina, an Italian restaurant that vacated the space over a year ago.

Suri -- which means "pickpocket" in Japanese -- will offer diners what co-owners John Pata and Matthew Barger term alternative American cuisine. Barger has worked as the general manager for Cucina Dell'Arte in Palm Beach and, most recently, The Coach House, formerly the Player's Club in Wellington.

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Trader Joe's Announces Pembroke Pines Opening Date

Laine Doss
Trader Joe's is coming to Pembroke Pines.
Hey, Pembroke Pines -- there's food shopping in your future.

Trader Joe's just announced the opening day of its Pembroke Pines location. On Friday, October 10, at 8 a.m., the doors will open to the shopping paradise.

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Two-Day Lobster Mini-Season Begins at Midnight

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kozy and molt on Flickr
Florida lobster mini-season begins at midnight.
What will you be doing at midnight? Getting into bed -- or the ocean? If you're crazy about lobster, you just might be celebrating the start of the 2014 Florida mini-season, which takes place this Wednesday and Thursday.

While most of the 50,000 registered sport-season lobster hunters will be in the Keys, thousands of recreational divers and snorkelers will be on the hunt for spiny lobster right here in South Florida.

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Fork & Balls Looks to Be Another Victory for the Restaurant People

Categories: Review

Co-founder Tim Petrillo and Executive Chef and co-founder Peter Boulukos.
It's 7 o'clock on a Thursday night.

Outside, the damp pavement is steaming from an afternoon interspersed with showers and intense summer sun. Puddles line the curbs.

When the door opens, the cacophonous roar of multitudinous conversations rolls into the street.

"It'll be about two hours," says the hostess to an older, well-dressed couple inquiring about a table.

They walk toward the bar, quickly disappearing into the crowd.

The vintage-looking bar at Fork & Balls is stacked four deep with a wide array of people: 20-somethings in skyscraper platforms and short dresses, 40-something professionals in office-casual apparel, middle-aged couples in shorts and polos, and one dude straight out of a surf shop ad.

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Char Hut Giving Away Free Fries for National Potato Day

Char Hut facebook fries
Potatoes are under-appreciated, in our opinion.

The precursor to great food items like French fries, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, latkes, pierogi, and so many others it's hard to count, the humble root is one of the most versatile and comforting -- no matter one's ethnic background.

Like every other dish and ingredient known to man, the potato is about to see its big day. National potato day is coming up and Char Hut is giving away free fries to celebrate.

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Grease Burger Bar to be Featured on Food Paradise, Hosts Viewing Party

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Grease Facebook
Do you love burgers? Wait, that's a stupid question. Of course you do. And so does The Travel Channel's Food Paradise, which selected one of chef Jordan Stilley's hand-made burgers from the menu at Grease Burger Bar as part of a special feature segment they filmed for the show.

One of the West Palm Beach restaurant's specialty burgers will be featured in the segment known as "Hamburger Paradise 3," which will be airing this week. But to find out which one it is, fans will have to tune in -- or stop by Grease for the special viewing party tonight.

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