Yonutz: Gourmet Maple Bacon and Tres Leches Donuts Come to Sunrise

Yonutz bakes about a dozen varieties, but get there early for the best selection because the maple bacon, cookies & cream, and choco peanut butter were sold out when I stopped in. In fact, as I was ordering, a woman in front of me snagged the last tres leches donut. Donuts sell for between $1.65 - $2.25 each, and are sold individually, and not by the dozen (although there are boxes available).

Lucky for me, Emilio suggested the coffee latte as a substitute. Basically the tres leches donut with a hint of java, it's a cake donut with a coffee and sugar glaze and a soft, almost buttery texture. It could very well be the best donut I've had in a while.

The classic glazed, a yeast donut with a sugar coating was made better by a five-minute trip in a warm oven. The only disappointment was the peanut butter and jelly. After breaking it in half to eat the jelly part first (a habit since childhood), I noticed only a small dollop of the fruity goodness. Hence, the peanut butter-to-jelly ratio needs to be improved. All in all, these are solidly good donuts that are sophisticated enough for adult palates, but would, of course, be a hit with kids.

The shop also offers a wall full of soft serve gelatos, frozen yogurts, and Chloe's soft serve fruit, which contains only three ingredients -- fruit, sugar cane, and water. Can't decide? Yonutz will top a donut with the frozen treat of your choice, making a donut a la mode, if you will.

Go and indulge. You'll burn off all the calories assembling that entertainment center you just bought at Ikea.

Yonutz is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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121 NW 136 Ave., Sunrise, FL

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Gene Playter
Gene Playter

Rhino Doughnuts blows these away!! Christian Prakas


Hey Gene- have you tried YoNutz or your "blows" away reference is because you know Prakas and company? Cheers.


Hey Gene have you tried YoNutz before making your "blows" away comment?

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