Yonutz: Gourmet Maple Bacon and Tres Leches Donuts Come to Sunrise

All photos by Laine Doss
Yonutz: Yo, gourmet donuts in Sunrise.
A few days back I made a rather stressful trip to Ikea to return a few items and purchase some more. After waiting in the Motor-Vehicles-type line to exchange some extra items, I then had to wait in another queue to buy the things that I should have purchased in the first place. Driving out two hours later, I noticed a sign with the following equation:

Yonuts = gourmet donuts + gelato & soft serve treats.

This was math I could get into. Plus, after a trip to big-box retail hell, I deserved a treat.

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The sign that lured me in.
Yonutz opened in the little strip mall right in front of Ikea about six weeks ago. The shop is the brainchild of two couples, Emilio and Sarah Freire and Sophie and Ahmed Amer, Weston residents who wanted to open a unique shop in their neighborhood.

Sophie Amer tells me that she and her husband lived in New York, where people line up, sometimes for hours, at bakeries Dominique Ansel Bakery, Magnolia Bakery, and Doughnut Plant. "We wanted to bring something to South Florida that's creative and different."

The little shop was designed by hand by sister Sophie and her husband, Emilio Freire, who has a design background. As Freire walks me through the shop, he explains the subtle touches. Repurposed vintage chairs that he commissioned from an artisan in Cape Coral and a counter from wood from the Florida Keys blend in to make an inviting atmosphere to enjoy the main attraction -- donuts.

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121 NW 136 Ave., Sunrise, FL

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Gene Playter
Gene Playter

Rhino Doughnuts blows these away!! Christian Prakas


Hey Gene- have you tried YoNutz or your "blows" away reference is because you know Prakas and company? Cheers.


Hey Gene have you tried YoNutz before making your "blows" away comment?

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