100 Montaditos Now Open at City Place in West Palm Beach

All photos by Nicole Danna
A plate of montaditos, or tapas-style sandwiches, at 100 Montaditos in West Palm Beach.
Tapas, the art of dishing out small plates, has become a popular concept in the U.S., with bars and restaurants springing up in cities across the nation dishing out their own version of a sharing menu. However, most Americans don't know the history of tapas -- exactly how, and why, the tiny dishes originated.

Many historians believe tapas began as a way for Spanish farmers and field workers to stay nourished during the long work day, taking small meals accompanied by wine or drink every few hours. In modern Spain, tapas are seldom served without alcohol, and are not meant to be a meal in themselves. Likewise, there are no tapas restaurants -- only tapas bars, encouraging a culture of "tapeo" where people meet and mingle to enjoy drink and food in a lively atmosphere.

Although tapas can literally be any type of food, in Spain not all tapas are created equal. The way the food is served and presented, as well as the type of ingredients used, determine whether or not the fare is considered a tapa (snack), pintxo (food on a stick), racion (dish), plato (main plate) or montadito (food served on bread).

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The interior at 100 Montaditos in City Place.
At City Place in West Palm Beach, a new tapas concept known as 100 Montaditos has opened its doors, a true Spanish-style tapas bar that specializes in the montadito, or tapas-style sandwich. Founded in 2000 near Spain's southern city of Huelva, the 100 Montaditos concept is meant to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional 19th century Spanish tavern. The restaurant focuses on -- you guessed it -- montaditos, here crunchy Spanish rolls baked to order and topped or filled with traditional Spanish and Mediterranean ingredients like Serrano ham, chorizo sausage and Manchego cheese.

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Miguel Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Miguel Gutiérrez Rodríguez

As a spaniard, I approve and love this new place! People working there is really nice and the food is great.

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