Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with these Five Tasty Variations You Can Make at Home!

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Growing up in Latin America, one of the most anticipated moments of my life, not unlike Coronel Aureliano Buendía greeting ice for the first time, was vacationing to the US during the summer and enjoying "American" treats like hamburgers and hot dogs. Much like Gabriel García Márquez's latter-day personal politics, hot dogs were, well, a bit of a disappointment.

Whether grilled or boiled, the simple charm of mustard and ketchup on a cold bun was lost on my discerning third world palate. Where were the toppings? The gravity-defying towers of crisp accoutrements and flowing rivers of sauce? Where was the flavor? The joie de vivre?

Why would such a progressive and advanced country like the United States sit around so peacefully accepting such bland fare? Had they finally gone full Brit? This was, after all, the '80s and the massive hordes of largely unwanted Latinos had not quite rooted themselves as deeply as they have now, bringing with them their many-splendored flavors into the culinary siege of America.

But fear not mis queridos gringos, for National Hot Dog Day, we have five tasty variations on your favorite form of tube meat that you, yes you, can make at home this Sunday. Fun for the whole family! Your taste buds will thank you.

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JK Grence

1. The Sonoran Dog
Hailing out of Mexico and the reason why many white people in Arizona are against the Nazi-like patriotism of Arizona SB 1070, the Sonoran-styled dog combines the greatness of tube meat with the nobility of mesquite-smoked bacon. For this baby you'll need:

One warmed bun of your choice
One hot dog
Two strips of mesquite-smoked bacon
Tomatillo sauce
Chopped Campari tomatoes
Grilled onions
Chopped onions
Beans of your choice, pintos preferred
Mayonnaise and mustard

Wrap the bacon around your dog. Grill it on a flat-top until the bacon is nice and crispy. Put a little mayo in the bottom of your warmed bun, add the dog. Top it with the remaining ingredients in a manner that you find most manageable for consumption.

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If like me, you're too lazy to make your own, you can check out one of these locations offering discounts for National Hot Dog Day this Wednesday! Try our locator to find your nearest one: www.placecodes.com/HotDogDay


Nazi like patriotism? Why would you compare that law to Nazism? So your saying that non Americans are being rounded up and systematically murdered like the jews were in Europe during Nazi reign. You are an ignorant fool plain and simple. You don't know your history. Maybe you should study on what the Nazis did to the jews and what is happening to people in Arizona before you write anything. Lucky for you this is America where idiots like you can spout off when you don't know what your talking about and not Nazi Germany where you would have been arrested and killed.

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