Ceviche Street in Hallandale Is a Bold Statement of Peruvian Cuisine

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Helado de lúcuma con alfajor

There are a few dessert options on the menu, but the best bet is a Riglos' creation that will convince even the staunchest of anti-sweet gourmands: the lúcuma, a fruit native to Peru and Chile that is now grown in Vietnam, ice cream atop an alfajor cookie, topped with cream, flambé walnuts in Pizco, ají panca marmalade and a sweet brittle sail with touches of fruit and chocolate sauces Jackson Pollocking the plate is nothing short of phenomenal. With a 5 percent fat ice cream made by Riglos, the sweetness of the combination gets a solid punch of heat from his spicy marmalade, fusing a fine example of how this type of cuisine continues to evolve and deepen in richness.

There is a humble assortment of beers, sodas, and wine by the glass as well as live music on certain nights, with the chef, also a trained bass player, sometimes joining the dining room to play a few bars on the piano. The Riglos have taken great pride in their restaurant and are looking to spruce up the look and are considering working with artists to create a mural on the exterior to give that "Wynwood Walls" feel to their unassuming corner. Hopefully such musings will not detract the chef from his clear command of the kitchen and the deep but familial complexities of Peruvian cuisine.

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