Cafe Boulud Brings Back Boulud Sud for the Summer (Photos)

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Photo Courtesy Cafe Boulud
Just imagine what it would be like, sitting on a classic schooner, with the sights, sounds, and smells of the Mediterranean in the background.

That would be the life; unfortunately, it takes boatloads of money to make it happen. And while we may be able to make it to the European coast, we're not experiencing the lifestyles of the rich and famous aboard a yacht -- hey, one can dream, right?

Your chance to pretend is back this year, but for that ninety-nine percenters can actually afford.

Cafe Boulud is hosting Boulud Sud, a pop-up of Daniel Boulud's Mediterranean-inspired concept, is back again for the summer. With a new executive chef and pastry chef, it has a slightly different influence from past events.

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Sara Ventiera
Mediterranean Mezze ($17)
Starting at the beginning of the month, the restaurant began hosting the pop-up on the air-conditioned terrace overlooking the courtyard of the Brazilian Court hotel.

You may not feel a Mediterranean breeze flowing through your hair, but the staff does a good job of reinventing the space: flowers and olives trees line the perimeter, herbs in terracotta pots adorn each table, refreshing cocktails are offered on the list, the fare is light with fragrant olive oil and exotic spices.

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Cafe Boulud

301 Australian Ave., Palm Beach, FL

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