Barolo Ristorante: Authentic Italian Cuisine and Serious Wine in North Palm Beach

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We love food around here.

Whether it's flavorful Vietnamese, seafood-centric Japanese, bold Peruvian, or classic French fare, we'll try just about anything -- and enjoy it as long as it's done properly.

That being said, some cuisines stand out. And it just so happens that Italian is one of our favorites. Full of flavor and completely unpretentious, Europe's boot offers a wide range of styles and ingredients, all of which we're more than happy to shove down our gullets. (No matter our current diet.)

North Palm Beach was recently received it's newest Italian resident. Barolo Ristorante offers a wide range of authentic Italian fare with a huge selection of wines to match.

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After more than two years of working on the concept, owner Bill Habansky opened the doors of Barolo, in the Crystal Tree Plaza, late last month.

A lover of all things Italian, Habansky aims to serve traditional fare from across the country and a wide range of Italian wines with attentive service.

According to him, the restaurant plans to offer regional dishes in a sort of "Tour of Italy," with selections from areas like Sicily, Veneto, Toscana, and Piedmonte. That being said, Habansky realizes that many locals are more accustomed to Americanized versions of Italian fare.

"We have to be mindful of the American palate and therefore include other dishes such as francese, which isn't even known in Italy; although, many restaurants and diners in our country are very familiar with veal or chicken francese," says Habansky. "We offer a sole francese on our menu, but are able to apply the recipe to just about anything."

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It's a very good restaurant.  It's also very expensive - $48 for a veal chop?  Are we in Manhattan or NPB?  Definitely recommend the four courses and a wine for $33, though some were better than others. The pasta course they served us was an afterthought - something you'd whip up for the kids in between homework and practice - not a high-end Italian dish.  Much rather have fresh cappellini than Barilla bowties.  Still, very good overall and a highly-professional staff.


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Talking about trying everything and every cuisine, what do you think about seeing recipes / food conceived in one of the most unique ways?

Like Neo-tropical (modern Australian and Caribbean) and Italian foods meld to formulate recipes that sound surprising yet beautifully paired. 

Keep an eye out for Chef Michael Bennett 's next cookbook "Interview with a Mango" due out for release on (US and European) on Labour day.  


La Fontana in the same plaza is much better.

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