Apura: Cold-Pressed Juices, Cold Brew Coffee, and Handmade Nut "Mylks" Coming to Boca

All photos courtesy Gab Group
Apura's Gorgeous Kale Salad
After half a century of eating processed, pre-made garbage, Americans are finally starting to wake up from the toxin-filled slumber of terrible dietary habits.

The pendulum has swung from mass-produced drive-thru burgers (that may or may not actually be derived from a cow) to organic quinoa and kale -- score one, for the medical system.

While we've seen the rise of health-conscious eateries spring up in Broward and Palm Beach Counties over the past couple of years, as far as we're concerned (along the rest of the nutritionally-informed population), there's plenty of salubrious space to go around.

Boca Raton is about to get, yet another, healthy dining option in the next few months. Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse is bringing cold-pressed juices, cold brew coffee, handmade nut "mylks," and plant-based dishes to town.

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An interior rendering of Apura

Launching in late summer/early fall, Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse aims to serve fit fare "made with intention."

Owner Susan Mussaffi, a former financial exec in New York, hopes to teach guests about her personal philosophy; she believes in food that looks, tastes, and makes one feel good.

"I want people to understand the link between what they eat and how they feel," says Mussaffi. "At Apura, our goal is to truly empower and educate diners by providing delicious, nutritious and beautifully prepared food and drink, easy to eat here or take to go, designed to nourish our bodies and minds with much-needed nutrition."

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