The Chick Pea in West Palm Beach Offers Healthy Food Fast

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Andrew Durgee
Crispy falafel with cilantro sauce

The concept behind The Chick Pea makes so much sense it's hard to believe this restaurant is the only one of its kind and not a chain. Hungry patrons start by picking if they want a bowl ($7.95), pita wrap ($7.45) or platter which comes with two sides ($10.95). Next you select a base, either rice, salad or hummus. Move on to pick your protein, then top it off with sauces and spreads. The staff behind the counter are full of knowledge about each ingredient, walking you through the selection process and offering advice to create your ideal lunch.

Andrew Durgee
The Chick Pea chicken, loaded with sides, sauces, and don't forget the beets

Foad says his restaurant is a "totally new experience" and one that lunch goers on Clematis Street are already re-visiting. "You really build your own meal," says Foad. "You can come here every day for a month and still get something new because there are so many things to try."

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The Chick Pea

400 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL

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