Saltwater Brewery's Kegs Hit Distribution; Find Out Where

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Doug Fairall

"We have finally hit the market!" declared the Saltwater Brewery Facebook account on Tuesday. "You can find some of our flagship brands at the following fine Local Establishments. Stay tuned as we will be initializing a tap finder into our website in the near future."

The newbie in the beer scene, having opened at the beginning of 2014, has been quickly progressing through the stages of business as a production brewery: first with getting the taproom open, finalizing and honing down on recipes and processes, and now getting to market with distribution through Brown Distributing.

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"Thursday was our first day of distribution, of permanent handles in accounts," Bo Eaton, cofounder of Saltwater Brewery, told us. "The local support has been awesome."

"Mellow Mushroom [in Delray Beach] did a menu reprint and put us up top... They took our South End and our Blonde."

Where else can you find Saltwater Brewery's beers besides the brewery itself? According to the official social media accounts, they will be at the following locations.

I was also told that the beers will be available at Salt 7 in Delray Beach, the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton, and Cuthill's Bar and Grill in Boca Raton.

Doug Fairall is a craft beer blogger who focuses on Florida beers, and has been a homebrewer since 2010. For beer things in your Twitter feed, follow him @DougFairall and find the latest beer pics on Instagram.

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Saltwater Brewery

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