Magical, Tasty New Foods for Harry Potter Fans at Universal's Diagon Alley

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Carolina del Busto

Eight new dishes were created exclusively for the Leaky Cauldron, the new restaurant in Diagon Alley. During our visit, we sampled the toad in the hole, which is basically a sausage baked into a pretty little pie crust, and a chocolate cherry pudding called "chocolate potted cream."

Other notable new dishes to expect include classic British meals like bangers and mash, fisherman's pie, and an assorted plate called the ploughman's.

Carolina del Busto

Aside from the sit-down dining offered by the Leaky Cauldron, guests walking around Diagon Alley can get a quick drink at either the Hopping Pot or Eternelle's Elixir Refreshment. A special beer inspired by the scaly dragon perching atop Gringott's bank can be found at the Hopping Pot. Or you can settle for something slightly less buzzing and more fuzzing with a tongue-tying lemon squash (basically a really sour and sweet lemonade).

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