Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe's Revamped Menu is a Bounty of Informed Americana

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Apple cobbler, the best way to finish.

The desserts certainly fall into the realms of decadence and potential hyperglycemia and are in our humble opinion a little too large. The Oreo cookie cheesecake and the chocolate molten cake would be the obvious choices for chocoholics but the apple cobbler is the best ending offered. The right amount of spices are steeped into the apples and the payoff is a satisfying meal closer that gives a perfect hint of sweet without damaging the savory achievements of the main course.

Twist & Shout, for dessert drinkers.

Billed as "adult shakes" for those who prefer to drink their desserts, the Twist and Shout Shake, though incredibly sweet, is a fine concoction of whipped cream, caramel, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream and bacon shards helmed by the alcoholic marriage of Bacardi spiced rum, Guinness and Crème de Cacao. The Chocolate Cherry Soda is a little less sweet and makes perfect use of Jim Beam's Red Stag in a flurry of chocolate ice cream, Pepsi and spiced brown sugar.

Considering the ebb and flow of culinary trends and what people are swayed to believe by cooking shows, the Hard Rock has maintained competitive by never straying too far from their original vision. They certainly retain a wide-eyed ideal of their product while respecting particular needs. Chef Jacobs was quick to point out that any guest requiring special attention regarding nut or gluten allergies would be accommodated by the staff.

By holding to their own standards and corporate vision, the Hard Rock revamps itself a little with successful choices for their menu. Retaining their sense of American fare, they amplify the flavors in a bold way that does not buckle to trends though it might make you feel the pinch of yours.

All images compliments of the Hard Rock.

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