Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe's Revamped Menu is a Bounty of Informed Americana

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Brisket Sandwich.

One push that Hard Rock is making is to identify itself as a food destination. Their kitchen is available for private engagements as well as event catering. They've also entered the realm of competition. On the barbecue end of things, they are particularly proud of their smokehouse and the ribs, briskets and chickens that get a healthy smoking in it. The brisket had a nice touch of smokiness to it and was room temperature butter soft. The ribs were fantastic; a solid bark and nary an atom left on the bone as the meat pulled off with ease. The chicken, though cooked through and moist could do with a little less time in the brine and less sauce served on top as it was considerably sweet.

A small but varied wine list covers the range of popular varietals with some featured bottles like Train's Drops of Jupiter Red Blend and Dave Matthews' Dreaming Tree wines. Beers remain about the same but with intentions of rotating some crafts into the mix from time to time.

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