Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe's Revamped Menu is a Bounty of Informed Americana

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Grilled Chicken Arugula Salad.

The salads are fairly standard, balanced in ingredients and massive in portion, well worth their values in the twelve to fourteen dollar range. But the best salads are undoubtedly those that are wedged between two buttery slices of grilled sourdough bread that you can pick up with your hands. The veggie sandwich is a delightful and stacked amalgam of marinated and grilled Portobello, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus and red bell peppers. Topped with Monterey Jack cheese and a balsamic glaze it is "meaty" enough in that way vegetarians go on and on about to satisfy any palate in the spectrum.

Fiesta Burger for avocado lovers.

The burgers are large though not obnoxious and feature a blend of brisket, chuck and strip that make for a juicy and messy burger that is grilled and by kitchen mandate never pressed in the line so it retains all its ooziness by arrival tableside. The Tango burger is easily the most napkin-heavy on the menu and though a bit on the sweet side, the two four ounce patties are complimented with two cheeses, Sloppy-Joe, a barbecue sauce and horseradish mayo. The toasted brioche made a nice attempt at holding itself together but in the end, weight and sheer messiness prevailed.

The Fiesta burger is a little more manageable and with a healthy dollop of chunky guacamole, sure to ingratiate itself to those seeking the nutritional merits of avocado. Hard Rock usually caters to their communities with a burger that is symbolic of them and in South Florida that would be the Cuban burger's mojo pork, plantains, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickle.

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