The Gluttonous Goat Gastropub Opens Friday in Boca Raton

The Gluttonous Goat braised beef brisket tacos with chili cilantro rub and a fire roasted tomato corn relish.

The gastropub is growing in South Florida, a new era of dining that's sparked a spate of food-serving bars. The portmanteau of "gastronomy" and "pub," these hybrid establishments are meant to evoke the boisterous gathering spots originating in London in the early 90s. They're a place where you can get some stellar grub and a tasty drink -- all for a good price, and with a lively, communal atmosphere.

Luckily, the concept meshes well with the nation's other hot food trends of the moment: a focus on local, seasonal fare; cooking with the entire animal; boutique spirits; and a celebration of craft everything. All these elements play out in casual, tavern-like atmospheres, and you have a recipe for almost certain success.

To continue the momentum, a new gastropub dubbed the Gluttonous Goat will be celebrating its first day of business tomorrow in Boca Raton. The team behind the new establishment is using the name "craft house," to describe the theme as an outlet for everything small-batch, local and craft served up in a casual, tavern-style atmosphere.

Gluttonous Goat is not just a name, according to owners Brian Marcotte and Michael Amato, but a blend of two symbols that create the vision of what the two men would like to share with their guests. The word gluttonous meaning to over consume; the goat symbolizing ambition and independence. Combined, they represent the idea of "over consumption with ambition, to gain Independence."

Marcotte, formerly of Rebel House in Boca Raton, has extensive restaurant experience, holding various positions in the industry during the course of his career including mixologist, general manager and executive chef. Marcotte is also a restaurant concept developer, and a partner for three establishments in the West Indies, where he travelled extensively before relocating to South Florida. His partner, Amato, has over 20 years of business experience as a successful investment banker and entrepreneur, with an extensive background advising various restaurants on how to maximize profits and build their brand. Together, they plan to be very hands-on with Gluttonous Goat, be it behind the bar, in the kitchen -- or even at the front door greeting guests.

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Food ,drinks, atmosphere and service great.  Food is outstanding. A real gem   I had the   Braised Goat and  Sprouts. Absolutely the best.    I recommended to all my friends..


Right. I'm sure Winter Park's "Ravenous Pig," coincidentally, also a "gastropub" (to use a god-awful, over-trodden culinary term), had  no influence on this name. I love the explanation of it, too. "To gain independence through overeating." Sounds about right... 


I ate there last night.  The food, drinks, atmosphere, and service were all outstanding!  For appetizers, the braised beef taco and the mussels were phenomenal.  For our entrees, we loved the pittsburgh style NY strip and we had to try the goat. It did not disappoint, at all!   I washed this all down with a few excellent Sam Smith Organic Lagers and my wife had some stellar mojitos.  We'll be back as soon as possible.

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