Car Crashes Into Heart Rock Sushi; Driver Says, "I'm Disgusted With It"

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Heart Rock Sushi
Four people were injured when a car crashed into Heart Rock Sushi.
Four people were injured yesterday afternoon when a driver crashed his Honda Accord through the window of Fort Lauderdale's Heart Rock Sushi right in the middle of lunch hour.

According to the Sun Sentinel, two restaurant employees and two patrons were injured in the crash, with one worker flying back and "hitting a table and cutting her forehead, while the other fell down and cut her arm." All were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

A Local 10 video shows the driver of the vehicle, who is still unidentified, limping at the scene, saying, "I'm disgusted with it. The car jammed up, and I couldn't steer it, and I couldn't stop it."

Heart Rock Sushi co-owner Mark Yamusenor said the driver tried to park in a disabled spot and appeared to have hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, telling the Sun Sentinel, "The car was halfway into the restaurant."

Heart Rock Sushi will be closed for repairs for a few days, although the rest of the shops at Gateway Plaza are open.

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Heart Rock Sushi

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