Laser Wolf Patron Enforces "No Jerks" Policy (Video)

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The hospitality industry is tough.

Servers and bartenders frequently have to deal with rude and obnoxious customers. For the most part, there's nothing they can do about it -- it's just part of the job.

Laser Wolf, on the other hand, has a strict "no jerks" policy.

Recently, one couple just happened to stumble through the beer bars doors and learned their lesson about being douchebags in the neighborhood craft brew tavern.

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The Laserwolf from BJ Golnick on Vimeo.

See, it goes to show, always be kind to your bartender.

All right, the video was obviously promotional, but the Bellus brothers really decided to put it together for amusement more than anything else.

"We had the opportunity to work with our good friend B.J. Golnick. He produced it and was the 'douchebag,'" says co-owner Jordan Bellus. "And it's also great to poke a little fun at ourselves and others every now and again."

To put it all together, they rounded up a group of friends, including legendary local beer guy Don Singleton (as the wolf), Brittany Butler, Kane "the Darklord" Barrie, Torey Amenta, Kevin Padula, and Chris and Jordan Bellus.

"It was a lot of fun," says Bellus. "So it was mostly done for fun, and of course, if we get some attention from it, that's fun too. That's pretty much how we decide on anything: If we like it and are having a good time, cool -- hopefully others do to, but if not, oh well."

And now we're waiting to see what happens in part two.

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Laser Wolf is located at 901 Progresso Drive, Suite 101, in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-667-9373, or visit

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Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

Its a lame bar with trendy lame customers trying to cool ,, the valuable lesson is laser wolf sucks and no i have not been kicked out ot anything

Kara Schickowski
Kara Schickowski

agreed! It should be a public service announcement. NO JERKS. Words to live by.

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