Dubliner Fort Lauderdale Closed; Bull Market Opening on Thursday

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Downtown Fort Lauderdale has seen its changes over the past decade.

From Broward's premier bar scene to victim of the failing economy to slowly resurrecting nightlife and dining destination, the area is finally starting to make a comeback.

And even more changes are on the horizon. Subculture Group's Dubliner Fort Lauderdale was recently sold to the Creative Kitchen Group, owners of Whiskey Tango in Hollywood.

Director of Operations John Todora gave us the scoop on the new concepts (it's going to be three) and a timeline for the changes.

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Todora and his group officially took over the space on May 1 and continued running it as the Dubliner until recently -- it's currently closed for renovations.

On Thursday, however, Bull Market will open its doors to the public.

The concept is based on the premise of supply and demand. Every day, several beers will be on the ticker, which will increase and decrease the price points based on how many are being ordered at a given time. (It changes every seven minutes.)

"We developed the idea for craft beers," says Todora. "People don't always want to take a chance on a $7 beer, but a $5 beer is more reasonable."

In addition to several beers, the ticker will feature a specific spirit each day: One day will be vodka, another whiskey, and so on.

Set to the west side of the space, Bull Market will feature "shares" plates intended for groups and individuals. Each menu item will be broken up into threes. Expect to see dishes like Dr. Pepper pulled pork, Captain Crunch chicken fingers, Angry Orchard sloppy joes, sliders, sandwiches, and salads.

"It's not tapas," says Todora. "Everything can be eaten on its own or shared with friends. It's a little different from what people are doing. Fort Lauderdale has a social atmosphere, and this fits the neighborhood."

Next up is the upstairs bar. Set to open in about three weeks, the Jack Daniel's Whiskey bar will feature a whiskey-heavy cocktail list, creative nonwhiskey mixed drinks, and 14 beers on tap. The space will have a speakeasy-type vibe, with no signage and a small intimate atmosphere.

Nick Nistico, master mixologist for Premier Beverage, is compiling the cocktail list.

In about six weeks, Todora plans to open an Asian gastrobar on the east side of the space. Titled Chow, the place will offer sushi, barbecue, and Asian-style cocktails.

"Everything we're doing is fun," says Todora. "We're keeping the decor light and fun. The menu is fun. We're doing it all in sections to make sure we get it right."

Bull Market opens Thursday at 210 SW Second St. in Fort Lauderdale.

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The Dubliner - CLOSED

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Erica Electra Jones
Erica Electra Jones

Their mac and cheese was amazing. And that cheese tray with honey comb they did for Heather s party... yummmmm

Damien Diablito Cooke
Damien Diablito Cooke

LOL oh that... I said Amen in response to Pete Pepper's comment about douchebags

Suz Mullin
Suz Mullin

But you said amen lol Damien Diablito Cooke

Damien Diablito Cooke
Damien Diablito Cooke

Yes I am. This is an outrage. I wanted to go to that one before they closed. I am marching off to city hall right now. :P

Suz Mullin
Suz Mullin

Damien Diablito Cooke thought you were disappointed

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Remember when Downtown was a decent and amusing place to go to? Now its douche bags, all the time.

icculus17 topcommenter

kind of sad, they had a great happy hour and good selection of scotch

Leah Beah
Leah Beah

That space is ridiculously small. It seems like nothing is able to make a go of it for a long time.

Suz Mullin
Suz Mullin

Have no fear there is one in Boca i was just researching it last night. :) Damien Diablito Cooke

Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

The Ft. Lauderdale Dubliner was the size of a closet. The one that used to be in Palm Beach Gardens was awesome; that is, until it shuttered. I'm beginning to think that the Dubs is a tax write off. Is the one in Mizner (Boca) the only one left?

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