Canale Restaurant & Bar Shutters Its Doors

It's been a hard couple of months for the restaurant world. Multiple eateries in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area have closed down for good, such as the Dubliner Fort Lauderdale and Mancini Modern Italian.

The latest casualty was the recently promising Canale Restaurant & Bar. Located in Las Olas Riverfront, we hoped it would spark the resurgence that would bring the area back to its former glory.

Our hopes were crushed.

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Overlooking the New River, the spot served simple Italian fare made with high-quality ingredients.

Owned by Genoa native and former Toronto-based restaurateur Franco Agostino, the restaurant aimed to enter the growing segment of South Florida restaurants serving authentic Italian food -- not the ubiquitous spaghetti and meatballs found at most local Italian joints.

He previously told New Times he had high hopes for the concept:

After taking some time off from hospitality to study greenhouses in Essex County, Ontario, he decided to pack up his life and relocate to Fort Lauderdale. He's well aware of the challenges the location presents -- Riverfront is mostly a ghost town at this point -- but with South Florida's growing economy, his unique cuisine, and the international vibe of the city, Agostino feels strongly that the restaurant is going to succeed.

With great food, attentive service, and a stunning view of the passing yachts, we thought (or dreamed) the concept could possibly be the start to the revival of Riverfront.

It did not survive for even two months.

While we've heard rumors blaming both the owners of the plaza and Canale owner Franco Agostino for its failure, we have yet to hear back from either party.

We will update with more information as it is received.

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Location Info

Canale Restaurant - CLOSED

300 SW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Restaurant

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frankd4 topcommenter

.....................the location is very bad, practically UNDER the bridge with no views, just noise of the vehicles crossing the bridge (plus the road dust)

a better location would have been on SISTRUNK - whoever sold this chef that location is a con capable of fraud - which is what this deal is shouldn't the chef have questioned WHY RIVERFRONT PLAZA IS DEAD ?

just across the river the long-established DOWNTOWNER that has FREE PARKING and a following and a direct unimpeded view of the river and good food and atmosphere IS STRUGGLING ............ so how in hell is this CANALEs going to make it ?

who wants to pay $20 to park and climb down into a sub-basement feeling catacombs for OVERpriced italian food ? ! ?

and SARA like i told you months before BILLY JOEL was a patron that Fulvio's is the only real UPscale talian restaurant in the TRI-COUNTY area that's worth it = period (BILLY JOEL can eat anywhere and he took all twenty of his tour production crew)

frankd4 topcommenter

...............well, SARA, if you read my post when it opened i didn't think it would last through the summer

doesn't anyone think to ask WHY that location has been dead D E A D dead for the last decade ?


He swept into town and attempted to be a womanizer. This is South Florida, the women are too savvy for that! While he was shuffling his "fiance" out one door he was bringing his next attempted conquest in another. Guess it all caught up to him and he ran out of town - no surprise there. Ladies beware of this one wherever he happens to land next! He is a liar, a cheat and is worth NOTHING!

Jay Starr
Jay Starr

...... marketing !!! Restaurants don't understand how important that is ... The easy way out is to say the economy is bad or its out of season. But everything comes back to marketing ... the corporate restaurants market year round son if it works for them why wouldn't it work for an independant ....

frankd4 topcommenter

....................basically "marketing" is a way to screw the unsuspecting visitor, monied tourist or easy spending guest, who goes home afterwards while being OVERcharged and UNDERserved by operations DEPENDING on "marketing" to lure suckers in

that's why so many restaurants CLOSE each season cycle because the realize the returning snow-birds and tourists coming again have WRITTEN THEM OFF

so with the magic of "marketing" the fraudsters can recreate their scam next season

frankd4 topcommenter everything comes back to REPUTATION

BILLIE JOEL could have eaten ANYWHERE and he goes to FULVIOs with an entire entourage because of FULVIOs reputation built over forty or so years here in broward

BILLIE JOEL was NOT pursuaded by "marketing" because FULVIOs does NOT advertise (which is why these freebie papers don't feature his family or their locations because they provide NO advertising revenue which is what these freebies live on)

if BILLIE JOEL would have relied on your "marketing" like in this freebie paper he would have sadly been disappointed OVERcharged and UNDERwhelmed with inexperienced and inattentive staff

at FULVIOs BILLIE JOEL publicly commented he felt like he was with family - NO OTHER restaurant that i know of in broward has such a forty year sustainible result - NO OTHER - period

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