Florida Breweries by Gerard Walen Is a Guide to Craft Beer in the Sunshine State

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Doug Fairall
Gerard Walen, author of Florida Breweries.

For the past few weeks, I've been reading through, section by section, the latest and probably most all-encompassing book to showcase the craft brewing scene in Florida.

Florida Breweries, as it's helpfully and purposefully named, is a primary source on the state of craft beer in the Sunshine State. It's a mix of guidebook, short interviews with brewers, and personal anecdotes and recommendations.

In short, it's a collection of beer facts from one of the most trusted beer geeks in the state: Gerard Walen.

You've probably read some of his articles if you spend any time following the local beer scene, as he is the writer behind Beer in Florida, a blog that specializes in -- you guessed it -- beer in Florida, as well as a contributor to BeerAdvocate magazine and All About Beer. You've probably also seen him at the numerous beer festivals and special events held across the area. He's the self-described "guy with the long hair and goatee."

We met up a week ago at the Cigar City Brewpub in northern Tampa to chat about the book (which came in superhandy when navigating the continuously exploding beer scene around St. Petersburg).

Walen is a superfan of Florida craft beer. His dedication to this project is enormous; covering an entire state is no small task. Still, with 66 breweries listed in the book, I had to know, especially since I was traveling myself to visit a couple of breweries, how the research portion of the book went.

"I did some long trips to Jacksonville and South Florida," he said, though unlike the areas he frequents closer to home (which is about an hour north of Tampa in a town called Crystal River), he felt like South Florida's breweries were "much more spread out."

Florida is a large state, for sure, with over 65,000 square miles of land and 447 miles from south to north. Even in our highly populated area, the distance between breweries can stretch almost 20 miles.

"Leaving good beer behind to drive between the breweries was a challenge," Walen admitted. "Some of [the beers] are hard to get ahold of."

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Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

Someone needs to write The Florida Weed Bible

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