Giraffas Brazilian Kitchen and Grill Opening in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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Much of the world is quickly beginning to eschew fast food. Between the ridiculous calorie counts, lack of flavor, pink slime, animal cruelty issues, and whatever else, many of us are over it.

But we're still busy as hell.

We want healthy food, quickly -- not fast food, if you know what we mean.

Brazilian Kitchen and Grill is opening its newest outpost right next to Victoria Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The fast-casual franchise offers health-conscious fare in a hurry.

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Scheduled to open sometime in May, the restaurant will offer locals flavorful Brazilian portion-controlled dishes at affordable price points.

The Brutus Burger ($9.90), a five-ounce picanha burger with cheese, bacon, ham, egg, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

"Our goal is to make Brazilian food a desired taste in America," says U.S. marketing director Maria Huertas. "We start with high-end fresh product and handcraft our dishes with our Brazilian spices, being careful to enhance the original food flavors and not modify them. This is the essence of Brazilian cooking philosophy."

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Hope you'll make it to our opening in May!

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