Calusa Coffee Fort Lauderdale's First Roaster Coming Soon, Started Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

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We're all about "micro," "craft," "artisanal," and "small-batch" these days.

Whether it's cheese, tomatoes, or beer, we've made the swift from large-scale industrial homogeneity to locally produced unique products.

Sure, it's also a bit of a political statement -- we're fighting against the corporate powers that be -- but, at the end of the day we're all about the food and handmade products just taste better.

Fort Lauderdale is about to get its first local coffee roaster in the coming months. Calusa Coffee Roasters is planning on opening in June. Owner Steven Hodel recently initiated a kickstarter campaign to assist in funding.

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After experimenting with beans at home for the past three years, Hodel decided to jump into the business himself.

While the storefront will not house an actual coffee shop -- there are issues with the city code and sit-down establishments at the location -- Hodel plans to sell small batches of coffee, wholesale beans, and cups of brew to-go as soon as the space opens up.

Even though customers won't be able to hang out, everyone will be invited to watch the roasting process.

"We eventually want to get to the point where you can pick-up a cappuccino or espresso and take away specialty drinks," says Hodel.

The long-term goal is to get into local restaurants and stores as well as his own sit-down shop.

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Calusa Coffee Roaster

161 E Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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