Sonia Terboss Launches Spajuicebar After Battle With Cancer

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Photo courtesy Spajuice website
Juicing is kind of a big deal these days.

What was once a tenet of a wellness lifestyle on the fringe of eating and drinking society, is now popping up all over the place.

And it's not just the booming yoga scene that is consuming the brightly colored liquids, regular (unfit) people are starting to realize the benefits of drinking the nutrient-dense drinks.

South Florida has just received yet another cold-pressed juice delivery option, Spajuicebar.

Developed by Sonia Terboss after winning her battle with breast cancer, the company is all about encouraging customers to "find their light" through vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes.

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Earlier this month, Terboss introduced the Spajuice website, which offers a variety of cold-pressed juices (squeezed with a Norwalk juicer) available for home and office delivery. Each one is delivered in thermally insulated packaging.

The Fort Lauderdale-based company sells an assortment of individual juices and cleanse programs aimed at targeting specific lifestyles and health problems.

Cleanses start at around $64.99 for a one-day. Individual juices are $11 a piece.

The juices are currently 100 percent organic, with a large focus on sourcing local ingredients. Terboss buys some produce from Marando and Alderman Farms. She is working on launching products based on readily available local fruit, such as star fruit, bitter orange, and guava, eventually.

Terboss does warn that in the future, some products may not be completely organic, due to availability; however, if that is the case, she fully intends to include notes on the labels indicating the presence of non-organic ingredients. She promised that no matter what the cost, the dirty dozen will always be organic.

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