Fat Tuesday: Three Mardi Gras Cocktail Recipes to Try

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It's the end of February, which means two things: it's about to be spring break down here, and Mardi Gras is in full swing in New Orleans.

You could either A) buy yourself a ticket to trade out one version of crazy, skantily clad parties for another, or B) stay at home and make yourself a drink to celebrate.

We'd prefer to go with option B, personally.

To get at-home revelers (also known as lame adults) in the Mardi Gras mood, we picked up three Fat Tuesday inspired cocktail recipes to make yourself.

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Purple Basil Gimlet
Two ounces Hendrick's Gin
Half ounce fresh lime juice
Half ounce simple syrup
Four to six leaves purple basil

Step One: Press purple basil leaves with simple syrup and fresh lime juice in a cocktail mixer.
Step Two: Add Hendrick's Gin and shake well.
Step Three: Strain up into a stemmed glass, garnish with a sprig of purple basil.

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