Chef Shannon Weiberg of Bash American Bistro on the Early Craft Beer Scene, Southern-Influence, and More

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Lisa Wray
Broward's western suburbs aren't known for having a booming restaurant scene.

There are some great ethic restaurants, but the majority of the eateries west of I-95 are national chains serving the same old boring reincarnation of chicken wings and spinach/artichoke dip.

Bash American Bistro is one of the few spots worth the trip out west.

With a laid-back vibe, extensive and rare craft beer selection, and creative American eats, the restaurant draws crowds willing to trek from all over the tri-county area.

We spoke to executive chef/owner about the early craft beer scene, southern-influence, and more.

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Clean Plate Charlie: First things first: where are you from?
Weiberg: I was born in the L.A.- area. My parents moved to Chicago when I was two or three years old. We moved to Orlando for middle school, and then Jacksonville for High School.

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Bash American Bistro - CLOSED

10053 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, FL

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