Bryan Ramos, New Executive Chef of The Office, "I Had my So-Called Dream Job, but I Realized it Wasn't What I Wanted in Life"

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While they sure know how to cook up a damned good meal, chefs tend to be an eclectic group with widely ranging talents and interests.

Some are into music; others are into the visual arts; and a few even have some scientific degrees up their sleeves.

For example, newly appointed executive chef Bryan Ramos of the Office has also held the title Petroleum Geology Monitor.

We recently spoke to him about his hopes and dreams for the Office, his experience working on oil rigs out in the Gulf, and what it's like to come back to the kitchen after venturing out into another field.

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Clean Plate Charlie: When did you take over as executive chef at the Office?
Ramos: I've been executive chef since January, but I started in October. I was actually brought on as sous chef, and the position fell into my lap when the former executive chef moved onto bigger, better things. I was in the right place at the right time.

You worked in petroleum geology for a while. How did you get back into cooking?
I've been cooking in restaurants since I was 15. I went to culinary school, then I went back to school to get my masters in geology. I had my so-called dream job, but I realized it wasn't what I wanted in life. So, I came back to restaurants. I started working for a company called Chartwells that specializes in corporate dining accounts for everything from corporate campuses to universities. I graduated from FAU. When I was looking to get back into culinary, I applied for a position with Chartwells on the campus. I thought it was cool to work where I graduated.

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