Andrew Zimmern's Appetite for Life: DIY Visits Mojo on the Go, Hacklab (Video)

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Courtesy Appetite for Life:DIY
Andrew Zimmern visits what could be the kitchen of the future.
Andrew Zimmern's Appetite for Life: DIY is the television host's informative web series that goes beyond the usual recipes and tips to show us useful culinary skills like growing an herb garden or building a crab trap.

In January, Zimmern and crew made their way to South Florida to film a few episodes of the series. Some places Zimmern hit were the Everglades to search for alligator (then tried some at Mojo on the Go food truck), and Hacklab in Boynton Beach where some interesting experiments are happening.

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Zimmern (who confuses Boynton Beach with Miami, by the way), meets with the hackers who demonstrate what they're cooking up -- namely forks made with a 3D printer, mac 'n' cheese that also charges your cell phone, and an herb garden using pee-ponics (yes, it's exactly what you think it is).

The episode is worth watching -- as are the others. Once you get past the product placement for Toyota, you'll find some of the most intelligent video shorts for food lovers.

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