Ten Best Breakfast Places in Palm Beach County

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Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Sure it gets your metabolism going and supposedly people who eat breakfast eat fewer calories over the course of the day. Blah, blah, lose weight, blah, blah, be healthier, live longer - whatever.

Point being: breakfast is good for you -- even if it includes a heaping portion of bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, grease-soaked potatoes, and a side of syrup-and-butter-doused pancakes. Minor details.

Time to come up with a game plan.

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Whether you're looking for a healthy yogurt parfait, a sturdy English version, some Belgian-inspired waffles, some good ole' American bacon and eggs, or, hey, even an Indian puri, a tasty meal first thing in the morning is the best way to set a positive tone for the day.

No matter which poison you pick, it should revive your spirits (and possibly, the size of your tummy), and get you going on your way.

You may already have a favorite place to start the day or you may be looking for some tips; either way, here are the ten best breakfast places in Palm Beach County.

Get ready to dig in.

Location Info

John G's

10 S. Ocean Blvd., Lake Worth, FL

Category: Restaurant

Benny's on the Beach

10 S. Ocean Blvd., Lake Worth, FL

Category: Restaurant

The Boynton Breakfast Shack

3469 W Boynton Beach Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant


4700 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant


263 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

The Pelican

610 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, FL

Category: Restaurant

Dune Deck Cafe

100 S. Ocean Blvd., Lantana, FL

Category: Restaurant

Green Owl Restaurant

330 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Juno Beach Cafe

13967 U.S. 1, Juno Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Joe Mistermakeithappen Ciampa
Joe Mistermakeithappen Ciampa

I can't believe you overlooked the "Tom Sawyer's" restaurant off of Forrest Hill Boulevard and Congress Avenue! It has the best breakfast and Bakery PERIOD! Sometimes I wonder how much research you actually do before you slap an article together. .. smh. I love you sleep, you have to go there and try their breakfast. I would say just starting with "breakfast in a pot" (yes, the dish is called that) as it is 1 of their signature dishes and take it from there, you will thank me more than once!

Aaron Sayre
Aaron Sayre

Damn I have not eaten at any of these places

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