Healing Through Food: My Organic Juice in Boca Raton

My Organic Juice
So far this year, we've reported on the growing number of juice bars, the booming trend of cold-press juicing, and followed one food blogger through a three-day cleanse. To add to the healthy-wave, My Organic Juice in Boca Raton is the latest cold-press juice company to open in the area, an all-organic company that uses only local produce to make each of its 13 drinks.

Not quite ready to try juicing? If you're feeling down, sluggish, or just a little off, it might be something to consider. For My Organic Juice vice president, new recipe specialist, and health guru Chelsea Silverman, juicing wasn't always an everyday thing either.

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"Maybe once a week," Silverman said during a recent interview. "I had my at-home juicer, and I thought I was being healthy having a juice every few days for breakfast or lunch."

Fast-forward a few years and you wouldn't even recognize the young, dark-haired beauty with radiant skin, hair, and nails. After a bad car accident left her immobile and with a back brace, she instinctively felt juicing and eating whole, raw, and living foods would help her body heal faster. And, for her, it turns out she was right. Silverman even ended physical therapy several months early.

Sadly, digestive problems and poor health plagued her even after the accident, when she returned to eating cooked, processed foods.

"There was just a lot of instability in my body," said Silverman. "I was depressed, not feeling well, had acid reflux. I knew I needed to change my diet, so I started juicing again. That's how it became my passion."

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I ordered the 3 day juice plan from this company. The juice had mold in it and made me sick. When I called to complain about it, owner Ben Fox answered the phone and it sounded like he was on drugs. I could not even understand what he was saying to me nor was he interested in fixing the problem. I have never dealt with such incompetence from a business owner. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

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