National Drink Wine Day: Five Florida Wineries to Visit

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Wine -- like anything alcoholic -- has fans that will travel the world in an attempt to test out the best of the best.

From the Chateaus of Bordeaux to Napa's wine country, winos will travel near and far to sip, sample, savor, and get drunk among rows of grapes.

While this trips vary in cost, depending on your proximity to wine growing regions and which wineries you chose to visit, everyone should get a chance to see the process firsthand.

For us Floridians, it's quite a time consuming and pricey prospect; however, we do have some wineries within the confines of the sunshine state.

If you're looking for a fun day trip -- or a perfectly good excuse to day drink -- here are five Florida wineries that won't break the bank for a visit.

Schnebly Redland's Winery and Brewery

Located just a short trip down the Florida turnpike in Homestead, Schnebly is the southernmost winery in the United States. While many of its products are available in Publix, it's just a short day trip for a visit. The Key West style building is set on an idyllic plot of land with tiki huts and waterfalls. It specializes in tropical fruit wines like mango, carambola, passion fruit and lychee as well as beer. Visit

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Schnebly Redland's Winery

30205 SW 217th Ave., Homestead, FL

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You missed one!! What about San Sebastián Winery in St. Augustine?!?

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