Indian American Restaurant in Davie Is Truly International

"Pakistani makes each dish from scratch, as ordered," says Chishti. "It takes a little time, but there's more flavor. Everything is cooked in one pot. The spices are basically the same."

Biryani is made the Pakistani way. Chunks of chicken on the bone are served with fragrant, long-grained basmati rice with turmeric, ginger, chili flakes, cardamom, and other exotic spices. It's another well-seasoned dish that isn't going to scorch your internal organs -- if that's what you're looking for, try the vindaloo.


Even less common than the Pakistani fare is the Bombay-style Chinese cuisine.

After learning the basics from an Indian-born Chinese friend, Chishti interpreted the cuisine to his own liking.

The regular American-Chinese suspects like shrimp fried rice, chicken lo mein, and garlic chicken are cooked with garlic and ginger as well as a healthy dose of Indian seasonings like garam masala, chilies, and coriander. The vibrant spices add a whole new level of depth and dimension to what is usually average takeout cuisine.

While the menu here certainly has an odd assortment of international fare and dishes, for Chishti, it's all about being able to cook what he likes best.

"You have to love what you're doing," he says. "And you can cook good."

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Indian American Restaurant

8270 Griffin Road, Davie, FL

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