Garlic Fest 2014: Four Strange Sweet Treats Infused With Garlic

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Garlic Ice Cream is a staple of the festival.
Known for its sweet and spicy pungent taste, garlic is used as a flavorful ingredient in cuisines around the world.

It also benefits the body in numerous ways, helping with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and serving as an immune system boost, an antioxidant, acne prevention, and vampire repellent.

While we like to ensure we're getting our daily dose by adding it to all sorts of dishes, there are some garlicky infusions even we think are quite odd -- namely, desserts.

Here are the four strangest sweet garlic-infused dishes at this weekend's Delray Beach Garlic Fest at Old School Square.

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4. Garlic Kettle Corn

Garlic popcorn is nothing new -- and it's proven to be quite good. Garlic kettle corn, however, sounds kind of odd. This particular version was rather mild. It tasted as though a bit of garlic powder was sprinkled on the sugary popped corn. (Or, maybe, we had eaten so much garlic throughout the day that we were already immune to the flavor.)

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Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square

51 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL

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Totally Banana's garlic plantain crusted frozen chocolate banana is the best!

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