DaDa Executive Chef Bruce Feingold Wins Garlic Fest Second Year in a Row (Photos)

All photos Sara Ventiera
DaDa Partners Scott Frielich and Bruce Feingold
With the end of football season and the passing of Super Bowl, South Floridians needed some sort of friendly competition to occupy time this past weekend.

No, it wasn't baseball, or basketball, or even the Olympics -- we've all watched some version of those a million times over -- it was the cooking competition at the 15th-annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest in Old School Square.

While he was thrown for a bit of a loop with the mystery ingredient and rules, executive chef Bruce Feingold of DaDa Restaurant and Lounge took home the win for the second year in a row.

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Bringing home the win was not an easy task. With tofu as a secret ingredient and a stipulation that all dishes must be vegan, Feingold and semi-finalist AJ Benacquisto, sous chef of 32 East were forced to switch menus after a 15 minute planning period.

Feingold and his team strategizing

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Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square

51 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL

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icculus17 topcommenter

interesting that would make the comp. vegan seeing as I saw only 2 or 3 vegetarians booths at the whole fest.

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