Top Chef Josie Smith-Malave's Super Green Machine Juice (Recipe)

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For the past few days a group of friends and I went on a juice cleanse experiment to see what all the fuss is about.

Juice cleansing fans claim that the process helps to rid the body of excess toxins, which results in a range of benefits from brighter skin and weight loss to cleaning out the liver and strengthening bones.

While cleansing has its opponents -- many doctors claim that the body is naturally set up to detoxify on its own -- there's no doubting that sipping on nutrient-dense fresh juice is a healthful alternative to a mid-afternoon bag of Cheetos.

The only problem with swapping the two out: many green juices taste like freshly mowed lawn -- not exactly the most appetizing consumable.

Executive chef at Global Soul Corner in San Francisco and two time Top Chef contestant Josie Smith-Malave gave us the recipe for her salubrious -- and delicious -- super green machine.

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Super Green Machine Recipe

Two to three leaves kale
One medium green apple
One medium red apple
One handful parsley
One cup spinach
Three stalks of celery
One medium cucumber
One medium lemon
One inch ginger
One teaspoon green powder (available at health food stores)

Step One: Wash and rinse each ingredient well.

Step Two: Remove the skin off the lemon, and halve it. Cut the apples and cucumber into large chunks.

Step Three: Juice each ingredient, stir together, and add ice.

Recipe makes two servings.

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