Rum Fest Coming to West Palm Beach; "It's Like a Giant Rum Party"

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We have food festivals, wine events, seafood cook-offs, garlic celebrations, beer fests -- obviously, ours is the best -- and a whole host of events and get togethers in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

We're fortunate; we almost always have something to do that involves eating delicious food.

But we're always excited to find something new or different.

Coming up next Saturday, the Second Annual Tropical Rum Fest is taking over the Meyer Amphitheater in West Palm Beach.

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Taking place Saturday, February 8 from 3 to 10 p.m., the festival combines Caribbean entertainment with food and rum.

Production coordinator Garth Guthrie says its about exposing guests to new products.

"It's mainly about uncommon rums," says Guthrie. "No Bacardi, no Captain Morgan: we're featuring smaller rum companies who need and deserve recognition."

General admission is $40 per person, which includes music and four samples of rum. VIP tickets, which are going for $100 a piece, include food, such as jerk pork, jerk chicken, plantains, Jamaican cocktail patties, rum cake, aged rum punch, and unlimited rum drinks.

"It's simple," says Guthrie. "You come in and get rums to sample; it's like a giant rum party."

For entertainment, Guthrie has organized DJs from across the world to play tropical-themed music as well as some local reggae bands.

This is the second year for the festival. While last year was a success, Guthrie says he's figured out how to improve upon the event.

"Last year we got swamped," says Guthrie. "We underestimated what it was supposed to be. We weren't short on rum, but we didn't have enough people working. You learn from your mistakes."

Guthrie is currently working on hosting another rum fest in Key West, and is planning on expanding it across the state.

For ticket purchase, visit

The Meyer Amphitheater is located at 401 Evernia St. in West Palm Beach.

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The Meyer Amphitheater

201 Evernia St., West Palm Beach, FL

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Very interested. What are your rules on puking at this event. I will absolutely need to vomit at some point. I would recommend onsite betting on how long it takes until I puke. Let's set the over/under at 30 minutes. BRB gotta vomit.

- B to the MAX


Sorry I won't be able to make it this year. Will be watching some movies and blogging about them over at Eisy's Movie Odyssey. I suggest you all check it out (once I get my Netflix fixed). 


I'm very interested in going as long as there is a body of water for me to jump into when my hobbit feet get dirty and plenty of dudes....must have dudes. 

- ML

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