Almond Milk: How to Make Your Own at Home

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Step Two: Drain the nuts into a colander, and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.


Step Three: Place the nuts in a blender with two cups of water, and blend until smooth. Pulse the mixture a couple of times to ensure no chunks are left.

Step Four: Strain the nut milk into a bowl or container. Use a fine mesh strainer and a spatula, or a colander and a nut bag or cheese cloth -- you can use a sturdy paper towel in a pinch, but expect a lot of wastage. (The pulp can be saved in the fridge or the freezer for oatmeal and other uses.)


Step Five: Season the milk with cinnamon. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, use a bit of agave nectar.

Nut milk is good for about three days in the fridge.

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