Juice Cleanse Diary, the Aftereffects: Drinking the Day After Is Not a Good Idea

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Proponents claim by giving your digestive tract a break with a juicing cleanse, the body is able to efficiently relieve itself of the massive amount of toxins we consume on a daily basis.
With the excess and indulgence of the holidays behind us, I decided it was time to try a juice cleanse myself, along with three friends. Together we make up a hodgepodge of diets and fitness routines.

For someone who makes a living by eating incessantly, it's going to be a challenge -- and probably hilarious.

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After consuming solely liquid for three days straight -- with some minor cheats along the way -- my gang of juicers and I were finally allowed to eat.

Emily Alvarez (part-time spin instructor; currently training for a marathon) started the day off with eggs and coffee; she said she felt fine afterward.

She asserts that she did not feel any positive effects from the cleanse.

"No doubt that I think it's a good way for someone to get essential vitamins, nutrients, and all the good stuff to make your hair, skin, overall body feel great," said Alvarez. "But I think the results are better seen by those who don't already incorporate this into their diets. I think that I didn't see immediate results because I already eat a shitload (for lack of better terms) of veggies and fruit normally. I was just ingesting them in a different form with the cleanse. The rest of the stuff I usually eat is pretty healthy, for the most part, so it's not like i shocked my body in eliminating a bunch of bad stuff all of a sudden. I think I would need to stick it out a lot longer to see effects, but at the same time. it would definitely not be healthy for me to do that considering my level of activity."

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