Juice Cleanse: What It Is and How to Do It

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Indulge a bit over the holidays? Finding your energy a bit low and your pants a bit snug? Feeling the need for a physical or mental reboot?

A juice cleanse might be just the thing to get you thinking and feeling differently. With so many juice bars across South Florida, the idea of doing a one-day, three-day, five-day, or even weeklong juice fast is more appealing -- and easy -- than ever.

Never done a cleanse before? Here's what to you'll need to know before you take the plunge.

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The idea of drinking the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables isn't new. We know. Remember fitness and health guru Jack LaLanne, who touted the value of raw fruit and vegetables with his self-named Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer back in the 80's? He was on to something...

Today, we know LaLanne is smiling down on the juice bars popping up nationwide. They're big business, a Hollywood celeb-style fad making bold claims that juice drinking can help remove toxins, cleanse your digestive system, and aid in weight loss.

Does it? Researchers on both sides argue evidence supporting and refuting these claims -- but what we do know is that a diet high in fruits and vegetables does reduce the risk of certain diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while aiding in weight management. Add that to the fact that most Americans don't eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, and the alternative is finding a way to chow down on a pile of fresh produce every day.

And the alternative? Just juice it. To respond to the growing fad, juice bars have set up shop, proudly proclaiming the use of high-tech juicers that extract juice under high pressure, activating and "protecting" all those vital nutrients and enzymes.

If you're considering a juice fast to get you started down a healthier, happier path in 2014, keep reading for some tips on how to have a successful cleanse:

What Is Juice Cleansing (Fasting)?

We've all been there -- that awful feeling when you have no energy, your eyes are lifeless, your skin is dull and dry, and you swear you can't remember the last time you had a healthy meal. You're all clogged up -- like a sports car in need of an oil change. Well, that's what a cleanse will do for your body: It's like an oil change for your guts. A juice fast is the perfect way recharge your insides and replenish your body with the nutrients it needs to heal.

After all the chemicals, preservatives, and genetically modified toxins our bodies are forced to absorb on a daily basis, it's something to consider doing a few times a year.

Yes, you heard that right. Not just once, but several times a year! To do so, the best source of nutrients that our bodies crave can be found in something as simple as fresh fruits and vegetables. With the right tools, know-how, and skill, the prefect prescription to optimum health and vitality can be extracted from these sources.

Cleansing is the perfect way to "reboot" and begin the process of restoring natural balance. When you consume only the juice of the vegetables and fruits, you're giving you digestive system a much needed "rest," allowing your systems to repair and regain an optimal pH balance to help create a healthy alkaline environment free from chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, depression, allergies, aches, pains, digestive problems, and more.

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