GMO Experts Jeffrey Smith and Panel of Experts Coming to South Florida for Panel Discussions

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Jeffrey Smith via wikimedia commons
Over the past couple years the debate on genetically modified organisms (GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) in food has become the hot topic amongst those into the politics of food.

While proponents of the technology claim the products are perfectly safe, and are, in fact, needed to feed the world, activists claim that labeling is necessary, because there is not sufficient testing to prove GMOs are safe to consume -- several studies have indicated more harm has been done by GMOs than good.

With bills mandatory labeling bills for GMO foods moving forward in the Florida legislature, GMO Free Florida has been working to bring experts in the field down to South Florida for panel discussions of the political issues and potential dangers of GMOs.

National figures Jeffrey Smith with the Institute for Responsible Technology and Dr. Michael Hansen of Consumers Union will be speaking to South Floridians later this month.

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GMO Free Florida organized the tour.

According to GMO Free Florida's Trish Sheldon, the tour has long been in the works.

"We tried to get Jeffrey Smith last year, but it didn't end up happening," said Sheldon. "We started working again six months ago, and two months ago we got the final word."

Starting in Tampa at the University of Florida this Thursday, Smith will be making his rounds across the state to speak about the potential dangers of GMO foods, pending legislation, and issues concerning the possible release of GMO mosquitos in the Florida Keys -- those pushing for it claim the mosquitos will curb the spread of dengue fever; however activists worry about health and environmental problems.

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