Food Blogger Does a Juice Cleanse as an Experiment: The Preparation

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Somehow in this process I was able to wrangle a few girlfriends into the cleanse with me advertising professional Emily Alvarez, teacher Lisa Wray, and marketing manager Gilcelia Dos Santos.

Together we make up a hodgepodge of diets and fitness routines: Alvarez is a part-time spin instructor and is currently training for a marathon, Dos Santos runs regularly and does pilates twice a week, Wray partakes in a few hours of exercise per week, and I walk my dogs -- don't judge.

All four of us eat relatively healthy diets (minus, my binge eating for work dinners a couple times a week), but we do like to drink -- we had to plan out the cleanse dates around jazz brunch.

Last week, Clean Plate Charlie food blogger Nicole Danna wrote a piece on how to do a juice cleanse.

According to her, it's important to try a one-day cleanse before jumping into a three-day, and one should take a day to ease into a cleanse as well as a day to ease out.

"Eating too much sugar, cooked food, meat, and processed crap too close to the start of your cleanse could cause extreme abdominal pain once you begin," said Danna. "You'll also want to refrain from any wheat, alcohol, nicotine, coffee, and dairy at least two days before you begin juice fasting or the cleanse will not be able to do its work."

With Danna's directions in mind and help from the internet, I decided to try to wean myself off of coffee two days prior to starting -- I had half-caff one day and decaf the next -- and I tried to eat mostly plant based; although, I did have yogurt and a huge Korean dinner with tons of seafood the day before starting.

The plan is to prepare a combination of fresh-pressed juices and nut milks at home while foregoing my beloved coffee -- some cleanse practitioners say green tea is okay, so I'm going with that even though part of this cleanse is to attempt to get over my caffeine addiction -- for three days.

We'll see if anyone drops out over the next few days. Stay tuned for details.

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