First Look: TAP Global Beer Collection In Delray Beach Softly Opens

Doug Fairall

Venturing west in Delray Beach is like stumbling onto the set of Cocoon. Or maybe the worlds worst Cadillac dealership. If you can get past those roadblocks to your sanity, even further west than you'd probably normally go, lies an enclave of shops on the corner of Lyons and Atlantic Avenue that is attempting to give a little kick in the pants to what could otherwise be a wasteland of McMansions and farmland.

Delray Marketplace, the aforementioned group of shops which houses the Frank Theaters Cinebowl, a Shula Burger, and other shops and eateries like Cabo Flats Cantina and Tequila Bar, now contains a World of Beer-esque beer destination in TAP Global Beer Collection.

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With loads of wood chairs, barstools and bar top, mixed with orange tones and slate, the place has an inviting, almost lodge-like feel without the antlers and panelling. Massive pull open doors expand the main bar space into an outdoor patio complete with lounge furniture and a fire pit. Though beer is the centerpiece, it's followed closely with an emphasis on sports.

Consider this a sports bar for the craft beer connoisseur.

Looking at the product side, there are plenty of ways to get your fill of craft beer. General manager Oscar Ramirez showed us around, and let us poke around at his operation.

We were interested at what would set TAP apart from any other mega-beer-bar.

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