ChillBar Is an Artistic Culinary Escape From the Everyday in Hollywood

Candace West
After more than 20 years of waiting tables in high-end restaurants and raising three kids, Frank and Beth Becker needed a change.

Satisfied with their lives but not feeling creatively fulfilled, the husband-and-wife team set out to open a restaurant of their own. The goal was to develop an artist's haven, much like the literary salons of 1920s Paris, a place for creative types to meet and talk.

That was nearly three years ago, and it would seem the Beckers' dream has become a reality with ChillBar, located at the back of Hollywood's Yellow Green Market.

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On a recent Saturday afternoon, Beth, a former opera and jazz singer, was spinning around the dining room chatting to patrons at each table with bubbly enthusiasm. The warm blond wore a flowing black dress, a white beaded shawl, a henna tattoo on one hand, and a vibrant smile.

"It's like a giant house party," said Beth. "Most of our customers come often; everyone knows everyone. I make sure I know my people and what they do. The value of our guest is not how much you spend when you're in this seat; it's who you are as a person."

Beth Becker shows off stuffed salmon.

Where Beth finds a creative outlet in hosting, Frank plies his artistry in the kitchen.

The Philly native comes from a restaurant family. With a trimmed beard, black-rimmed glasses, pressed black chef's coat, and smiling eyes, he would have been perfectly suited for Alice Waters' sustainable kitchen in the early '70s.

At 15, he trained in macrobiotic cooking and philosophy, which encourages local whole foods combined in balance according to the Japanese philosophy of yin and yang, under master chef Hiroshi Hayashi in Boston.

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1940 N 30th Road, Hollywood, FL

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