Bee Organics in West Palm Beach: Vegan Dishes, Organic Goods, and Cold Pressed Juice

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Bee Organics open for bees-ness.

With healthy New Year's resolutions (hopefully) still on our minds, juicing is the buzzword of the year so far. And cold pressed juicing is considered the latest nutritional powerhouse.

Bee Organics in Downtown West Palm Beach is a new "lifestyle" cafe focusing on vegan and organic options that just also happens to slang the finest juice this side of Clematis Street.

Bee Organics (located on Datura, next to the old Barrel & Grain spot) is already making its presence known in Downtown West Palm, an area that sees its share of fair weather businesses. Why take a chance and open up a new, super niche business in and area better known for chugging beer than chugging carrot/ginger/celery juice?

It comes down to passion and the people that are putting it into action.

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Owner Andrea Pertnoy has been training for this moment for the better part of a decade, unbeknownst to her.

"I have been teaching yoga for about eight years and I have been vegan for about the same time," Pertnoy says. "So without even knowing it, I was kind of manifesting and collecting things that I loved."

Falling into a local guru status in West Palm, Pertnoy flourished in her hometown. Born and raised in Wellington, Pertnoy has been living in West Palm for five years and truly embracing her resources. What better way to spread the healthy gospel than to those in your own neighborhood? She was approached about creating a space to extend her yoga and vegan outlook and couldn't say no.

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Bee Organics

123 Datura Street, West Palm Beach, FL

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