Aaron Black of PB Catch on What Makes a Good Seafood Restaurant

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With South Florida located toward the tip of a peninsula, one would think that options for fine seafood would be abundant.

And you'd be right; seafood shacks, raw bars, and local fish in restaurants about. Yet, when it comes to seafood spots with innovative concepts, not so much.

As is the case with most things, Broward and Palm Beach are a bit late to the game, but we're starting to see some places that are creating groundbreaking dishes right in our counties; PB Catch is leading the way with its unique seacuterie -- the pescatarian's alternative to cured meats -- extensive oyster selection, and sustainable seafood offerings.

For part one of our Q&A with chef Aaron Black, we chatted about sea-cuterie, infused oysters, and what makes a good seafood restaurant.

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Clean Plate Charlie: You have one of the largest selections of oysters in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in the restaurant; just this week you had a dozen varieties at one time. Were you well acquainted with them before PB Catch?
Black: Oysters are amazing naturally; it's about learning the flavors and where they come from. Before we opened I thought, what a great opportunity about oysters. They're so diverse. One of my favorites are the little islands from Maine, but I started noticing that some of them had different flavor profiles. They stack them ten boxes high before shipping them, and it turns out that where they sat on the pile affects the flavor. The ones on the bottom taste earthy like west coast oysters and the ones on top have a cleaner east coast flavor. We always want to offer a nice range of flavors from different geographic areas.

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